After a Deadly Year, Chicago Mayor Says It’s Not Enough; Need a “Call to Arms” on Roe

Caroline Wharton - 16 May 2022

Following the Supreme Court leak that showed Roe v. Wade may soon be reversed, the abortion lobby has sent ripples of fear throughout the country as abortion supporters terrorize the nation through acts of severe violence and hostility—but Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has decided enough isn’t enough yet. She wants more aggression and more funding for abortion—apparently her own city isn’t bloody enough for her? Let’s discuss how Lightfoot is further inflaming our current political climate:  

What Else Could A “Call To Arms” Mean?  

On May 9th, Lightfoot tweeted an ominous message that appears to call for further civil disrupt, writing: “To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community—the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms. We will not surrender out rights without a fight—a fight to victory!”  

When asked to clarify what she meant by a “call to arms” during an MSNBC interview, Lightfoot said, “I think everybody who saw that draft opinion has gone through a range of different emotions…And that’s why I’m calling upon fellow elected officials across the country, and particularly my fellow mayors to join me in making a pledge that we made today, which is a justice for all pledge. And fundamentally, it reaffirms Chicago as a welcoming city, a city that doesn’t discriminate, and a city that’s going to stand with women.” 

Lightfoot’s comments were met with much criticism from other Twitter users who thought the Chicago mayor needed to work on her own city before she began commenting on other matters.  

Comedian and author Tim Young tweeted in response, “The Mayor of the most violent city in America is here to worry about woke nonsense instead of people literally dying in the streets there.”  

"Call to Arms" on Roe

Other critics pointed out Twitter’s double standard, as Lightfoot had clearly posted a tweet which could incite violence as former President Trump allegedly had before being permanently banned from Twitter and yet Lightfoot is still on the social media platform.  

Perhaps the Chicago mayor should be dubbed Lori Lightfoot-In-The-Mouth? 

Her Remedy Is More Abortion Money:  

Lightfoot also recently announced that she transferred $500,000 from the Chicago Department of Public Health to specifically provide more access to abortion for the city’s residents and for abortion-seeking women in neighboring states which have or will potentially ban abortion in the future. The money will go to pro-abortion organizations, such as the Chicago Abortion Fund and the Midwest Access Coalition, for assisting women in obtaining abortions, including travel costs.  

Lightfoot also mentioned that the abortion-affirming money may increase in the coming years.  

"Call to Arms" on Roe
Isn’t Chicago Bloody Enough?  

Yes, 2021 was actually one of Chicago’s deadliest years in history. NBC Chicago reported that a rise in the number of shootings in Chicago last year left more Chicagoans dead “than any single year in a quarter century.”  

The Chicago Police Department released dismal statistics at the end of the year showing that almost 800 homicides were committed, and there were more than 3,500 shootings—and both deaths and shootings had gone up since 2020.  

"Call to Arms" on Roe

One of Lightfoot’s contenders for the fall mayoral election spoke out that he believed Lightfoot was using the current unrest to “deflect” from the unfortunate state of Chicago. Alderman Raymond Lopez went on Fox News and told Laura Ingraham:  

“She’s been gaslighting people for two years. And what we’ve seen as of late is that now she’s turning to the national issue of a possible decision about abortion rights…It [abortion] is the law in Illinois. It is legal in Chicago. But she wants to deflect to what’s going on at the federal level in the hopes that everyone will ignore her failures locally.”  

"Call to Arms" on Roe
Get It Together, Lightfoot  

After all the controversy over her statements, Lightfoot may want to clean up her own city before she speaks out on national issues again. You should pick the speck out of your own eye before you try to help your brother, after all—and that is one huge speck in Chicago’s eye.  

Lightfoot should really rethink her direction of the abortion funds, too. There is enough death in the city as it is without the mayor financing and importing more—spare Chicago the additional blood.  

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