Who is Ketanji Brown Jackson? A Radical Abortion Extremist.

Caroline Wharton - 21 Mar 2022

*Disclaimer: Several medical illustrations of abortion exist on this page. Discretion is advised

Although the United States Supreme Court upheld a federal partial-birth abortion ban in 2007, the topic of partial-birth abortions has once again reared its ugly head as it has come to light that SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson helped defend partial-birth abortions while she clerked for Justice Stephen Breyer. While the Biden Administration saw no problem in such a record, many Americans have spoken out in disgust and disbelief of her nomination.

A refresher on partial-birth abortions:

Also known as dilation and extraction abortions or D&X abortions, partial-birth abortions look particularly gruesome to viewers because it is so glaringly evident that a baby is being slaughtered. With a partial-birth abortion, a baby is almost fully delivered, with the exception of their head, before their skull is punctured and their brains are suctioned out in order to deliver a dead baby. The following medical textbook images illustrate the horrendous procedure.

who is Ketanji Brown Jackson
Pulling the body out
who is Ketanji Brown Jackson
Grasping the foot
who is Ketanji Brown Jackson
Removing the brains

It’s clear why many Americans are horrified by partial-birth abortions—and Joe Biden was even one of them, as he used to strongly oppose partial-birth abortions back in the day. However, what’s not clear is why an individual who strongly supported partial-birth abortions should ever be considered for a seat at our nation’s highest Court.

An op-ed on this topic, by Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins, was recently published at the Washington Examiner and entitled “Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee is an Abortion Extremist.”

who is Ketanji Brown Jackson

She writes, “Jackson researched the gruesome reality of this brutal act extensively. Yet she worked to defend it and has continued to defend the brutalizing and killing of the unborn for decades since. This indicates that she lacks the basic moral compass necessary to hold any position of authority, much less a seat on the nation’s highest court of justice.”

She continues, “Having won a ringing endorsement from the kingpin of the U.S. abortion cartel, Planned Parenthood, Jackson has made no secret of her support for the killing of the unborn.”

Click HERE to read the rest of the article at the Washington Examiner.

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