We Emceed For Life in What May Be America’s Most Pro-Abortion State

Caroline Wharton - 15 Mar 2022

Pop quiz question of the day: Do you know which state might become the most pro-abortion state in the country? If you’re thinking California, put your hand down, and prepare to be surprised because it’s actually Colorado. That answer is definitely shocking, but unfortunately it will be true if a new bill in the Colorado legislature gets passed. Let’s discuss this dangerous bill and how the pro-life movement has reacted: 

Colorado’s House Bill 1279, known as the Reproductive Health Equity Act, seeks to treat preborn children as though they are less than human by stripping them of legal protections and declaring that they have zero human rights under the law. This disgustingly inhumane bill would mean that preborn children could be aborted for whatever reason at whatever time leading all the way up until the moment of birth.

Students for Life Action has been outspoken in its complete contempt for this legislation, mobilizing and delivering multiple testimonies against HB 1279. Recently, Students for Life of America (SFLA) representatives also had the opportunity to participate in the Stop Radical Abortion Legislation Rally that occurred in Denver, Colorado at the state Capitol. This rally, organized by the local Catholic community, sought to speak out in unison against such pro-abortion legislation, and SFLA Director of Development Lauren Castillo served as the emcee. Read her statement on the event below:  

“I was honored to serve as the emcee for the pro-life rally that was hosted at the Capitol in Denver on Saturday, March 12th, 2022. There were hundreds of pro-life advocates gathered together at the rally to represent the communities that each one came from and to show our representatives that the Reproductive Health Equity Act is NOT what the people of Colorado want. There also were about a dozen protestors (who were topless and screaming into their bullhorns) who only further motivated us to continue this battle for life. 

“The most inspiring moments at the event were when we heard from different pro-life representatives. For example, we heard from the local organizations that fight for life daily in our state; from women who are post-abortive and women who chose life even in difficult circumstances; and we eventually heard from legislators who walked outside the Capitol to address the crowd after more than 24 hours of fighting this bill in the second hearing in the Colorado House of Representatives. 

“This bill goes further than the majority of other state bills do. It explicitly states that preborn children have no rights under Colorado law, and we know that that is the denial of the rights of an entire people group. That’s not only egregiously wrong, but we know from history that when societies commit this evil, it has disastrous effects.  

“I have worked with the Pro-Life Generation in Colorado for over a decade, and I can tell you that young people are on the right side of history. We are doing all that we can on our campuses, at our churches, and in our communities to build the culture we need for a Post-Roe Colorado.  

Science is clear that the preborn are human, alive, and deserving of our protection. We will do all that we can to fight this horrific bill that will be regressive to our state when it comes to human rights.  

“This week is likely the last opportunity to protest this evil bill in the Senate before it goes to the Governor’s desk for a signature, and the Pro-Life Generation will be there to be a joy-filled and strong voice for the preborn and their families. Whatever the outcome may be, our mission will not be deterred. We will continue this battle to educate our peers on the gruesome reality of abortion, expose the lie that abortion empowers women, and support those facing unplanned and difficult pregnancies so that they never have to question whether or not they can give life to their child. 

“It is a sad reality when our legislators—many of whom are self-proclaimed Christians—support this radical bill, but we are standing ready to carve a future for the Pro-Life Generation in our legislature so we know that women and their families are authentically supported and not sold the lie that they need abortion.”  

Students for Life Action will continue monitoring and protesting against this horrific bill, and you should, too. Click HERE to stay updated with volunteer opportunities—we will not let this bill pass in Colorado without a fight from the Pro-Life Generation!  

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