Will Planned Parenthood Volunteer to Repay the Money They Took? Not a Chance.

Caroline Wharton - 10 Mar 2022

If you still don’t think Planned Parenthood is a cesspool of violence and greed, allow us to change your mind through yet another example of Planned Parenthood being…well, violent and greedy. Usually, Planned Parenthood’s greediness is displayed in its murder-for-moola business model where women voluntarily pay abortionists high sums to kill their children as they have been deceived into believing the abortion lobby’s lie that women cannot succeed without abortions. However, in this episode of the abortion giant’s saga of materialism, the organization has taken millions of dollars of taxpayer-funds and brazenly refused to give them back. Let’s discuss Planned Parenthood’s unapologetic heist. 

How did Planned Parenthood get all that money?  

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in the United States in 2020, Congress passed the CARES Act to respond to pandemic-related hardships. As a part of that act, the Small Business Administration (SBA) was authorized to provide emergency disaster loans for small businesses; this program was known as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which helped small businesses pay their employees and rent during the hard times. 

The bill specifically excluded nonprofits such as Planned Parenthood from receiving funds as Section 1102 says that nonprofits are eligible for PPP loans only if they and their affiliates have no more than 500 employees. Guess how many Planned Parenthood has? You guessed it; way more than that. The National Review reports that Planned Parenthood has around 16,000 employees—they definitely don’t make the cut.  

That’s why Planned Parenthood was furious when the bill passed with this prohibitive language and promptly published a nasty-gram of a press release saying, “The Trump Administration and Republican Congressional leadership once again used this must-pass relief bill to advance their anti-abortion agenda. This bill gives the Small Business Administration broad discretion to exclude Planned Parenthood affiliates…under the new small business loan program.”  

Despite fully acknowledging that Planned Parenthood affiliates were not eligible for these loans, seventyfive percent of the Planned Parenthood affiliates went right ahead and applied for them.  Reports say that they received around $80 million to $150 million dollars in loans—which is a whole lot of money especially when you’re not supposed to be receiving any of it. However, when called out by the SBA to return the funds given in error, several Planned Parenthood affiliates flat out refused.  

Why aren’t they giving it back?  

According to the chief executive of the Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida whose facility received over $2 million in loans, she’s not giving the money back because she sees this request as “political shenanigans.” Two other Planned Parenthood affiliate representatives in Texas sang the same tune, stating “We have no plans to return these essential funds” and “Elected officials singled us out based on political reasons.”  

An interesting story perhaps, but we’d advise they scheme up a better one. Try as they might to paint this as some sort of politically partisan repossession, these statements just don’t pass muster in reality. The CARES Act was a bipartisan bill that passed in the Senate unanimously—that means both pro-abortion and pro-life representatives voted affirmatively for it. Rationalize that as “political shenanigans,” please.  

There is no good explanation for Planned Parenthood’s actions.  

In fact, it appears that the only explanation is greed—plain and simple. Why else would they refuse to give back taxpayer dollars that were explicitly not intended for them? Why else would they refuse on the basis of “political shenanigans” when the funds came from a bipartisan bill? All questions lead back to this one answer: greed.  

This conclusion isn’t surprising; after all, selfishness is just how the abortion lobby rolls. We really can’t expect anything different coming from a ghoulish industry that profits off killing children while propping themselves up as women’s saviors. While some pro-life legislators are working on bringing Planned Parenthood to justice, we know that this abortion giant will pay their debts over their dead body—or at least over aborted preborn babies’ bodies.   

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