What The Future Looks Like for Pro-Abortion States

Caroline Wharton - 28 Feb 2022
Guest post by Students for Life of America Contributing Writer Anna Reynolds

GUEST POST: As more people realize that we should expect to see Roe v. Wade overturned, both strongly pro-life and strongly pro-abortion states are strategizing. While pro-abortion media have fearmongered about measures protecting human life in states like Texas and Mississippi, it’s clear that other states are preparing to expand abortion in the wake of the Court overturning Roe.

Some states, including Vermont and Maryland, are seeking an amendment in the state constitution to enshrine elective abortion with virtually no limits. Other states, like New York and California, have been expanding elective abortion for years, undermining pro-life efforts to offer alternatives to abortion, and pushing for taxpayer-funded elective abortion.

Here are some trends we can expect to see in states that will continue to be unsafe for babies and moms in the years to come:

Abortion Tourism

For decades, states like Colorado and New Mexico have been destinations for late-term abortion. Until recently, few states allowed abortion up to birth. Women seeking abortions days or weeks before a child’s due date have traveled to certain states for dangerous, late-term abortions. These days-long procedures have resulted in live births, dead mothers, and, when “successful” the deaths of babies in the womb well past the point that they would be viable outside the womb.

This abortion extremism is something that most Americans strongly oppose. The more people learn about abortion, the more they oppose the life-ending procedure even at early stages of pregnancy. With more pro-life protections moving some states to be abortion-free, other states will be destinations for abortion at any stage of pregnancy. Illinois, California, New York, Maryland, Colorado, and New Mexico will likely be some of the most dangerous for women and the preborn.

Discriminatory Laws Against Pregnancy Resource Centers

The abortion industry fears pregnancy resource centers because they offer women alternatives to abortion. Free ultrasounds, resources, and community support can provide options for women who may have thought abortion was their only option. Abortion businesses do not make money when moms choose life.

Pregnancy resource centers have been the target of discriminatory laws that undermine their pro-life mission. As the abortion industry consolidates power in pro-abortion states we can expect to see more unconstitutional infringement on the rights of pro-life non-profits to operate. Measures like those struck down in California will likely be more common as pro-abortion states seek to undermine the life-saving work of pregnancy resource centers.

Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

An effort that often goes hand-in-hand with dismantling pro-life pregnancy centers is taxpayer-funding of elective abortion. Already, California, Oregon, and a handful of other states fund elective abortions with tax dollars. In the name of “helping” women, these laws are the ultimate loss of choice. If a mother is in difficult financial circumstances, does not have access to pro-life resources, and is told that the state will pay to end her baby’s life, that cannot be called a choice. Funding elective abortion with tax dollars coerces vulnerable mothers into abortion and coerces pro-life citizens into paying for the elective killing of preborn babies.

The expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion demonstrates the importance of pro-life protections in the government spending. We know that measures like the Hyde Amendment are a threat to the abortion industry because pro-abortion Democrats are so determined to destroy it.

More Babies Killed in the Womb than Born Alive

The convergence of abortion tourism, suppression of pro-life resources, and coercive taxpayer-funding for elective abortion will likely result in more cities like New York City. As pro-lifers noted in recent years, among Black residents of New York City, more babies were killed in abortion than were born alive. As other demographics are targeted and coerced to accept elective abortion with virtually no limits, other populations may begin to see more babies violently killed in the womb than are born alive.

Nearly five decades of legal abortion in all 50 states has left a legacy of destruction with more than 63 million lives lost. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, the loss of life will not stop. Some states will choose to protect innocent human life, but others will expand elective abortion, suppress the pro-life movement, and fund abortion with tax dollars. These developments will concentrate abortion in certain cities across the country that will be deadly for babies and their moms.

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