SFLAction Mobilizes to Support Heartbeats in the Granite State 

Caroline Wharton - 17 Feb 2022
Guest post by Students for Life of America’s New England Regional Coordinator, Mariah McCarron

GUEST POST: The New Hampshire State Legislature is currently deliberating on H.B. 1477 which argues for the protection of the universal sound of life: the heartbeat. This heartbeat bill and all others like it are really quite simple: once a heartbeat is determined, we know without a doubt that life is present and should be treated as sacred.  

The Pro-Life Generation was given the opportunity to say just that before the New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee recently. Mobilizing to protect the most vulnerable members of our human family, a number of pro-life students joined together at the State House; even more students, unable to make it in person, submitted their own testimonies virtually.

When we entered the State House, the tension in the air was thick. As a state abortion ban had gone into effect on January 1st 2022, and the New Hampshire Executive Council had voted to defund abortion facilities three times within the last six months, the abortion industry in New Hampshire had lost more than $1 million dollars from being defunded. With their back against a financial wall, it is highly likely that the abortion industry could not financially withstand significant further regulations (such as the prohibition of the suction and dismemberment abortions which are very costly.)  

Many of those who spoke in opposition to H.B. 1477 were a part of the abortion industry, including some including some lobbyists from a New Hampshire political branch of Planned Parenthood, and a  representative of Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire, which exists to raise money surrounding abortion. 

However, those who came to support life were much more diverse and represented many different parts of the community—various community members (both young and old), pro-life activists, new members of the Pro-Life Generation, and a sweet mother who was wounded by her Chemical Abortion pill experience and wishes that harm and pain on no one. Our group encompassed many walks of life but shared one united message: abortion harms and kills, and we don’t want it in New Hampshire.  

We expressed our concerns to the Committee that our peers and classmates are victimized every day by a predatory abortion industry which profits off of the death of preborn children. We stood for our peers who are continually abused by an industry which abandons women’s well-being in favor of their own corporate financial gains. We stood for future generations that they would not grow up with one in five of their peers having been lost to abortion. We stood up, asking not just for a Post-Roe future but for an abortion-free future.  

Everyone has the right to a birthday, and H.B. 1477 is a great tool to make sure more preborn babies get that right. We’ve seen heartbeat bills work well in other states (like Texas for example), and we won’t stop until New Hampshire has one, too. Here’s to more New Hampshire babies, birthdays, and heartbeats; abortion industry, eat our dust!  

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