Abortion Lobby: Laws for Thee but Not for Me  

Caroline Wharton - 16 Feb 2022

In movies, we often see naughty children who assume that their actions will have no consequences due to their position in life, and we’re disgusted when fictional parents overlook their wrongdoing.  Unfortunately, art does mimic life—and the abortion lobby plays the spoiled brat role very well. As states begin to prepare for a Post-Roe America by putting Chemical Abortion laws in place, the abortion lobby is already openly discussing how to get around them. Let’s discuss their enlightening arrogance:   

What’s happening with Chemical Abortion laws? 

In anticipation of a Post-Roe America, the abortion lobby has decided that Chemical Abortion pills are the way out for them. Seeing this pro-abortion strategy unfold, states across the country are working on Chemical Abortion legislation to highly regulate or ban Chemical Abortions for the protection of women and preborn children. An excellent example is the Texas Chemical Abortion Ban which went into effect on December 2nd, 2021. This ban prohibits abortionists sending Chemical Abortion pills through the mail and giving them to women who are more than 7 weeks pregnant.  

However, the abortion lobby isn’t ready to let their vicious grip on women go just yet—instead, they’d prefer to circumvent the law. The internet is swarming with dozens of pro-abortion articles hypothesizing different ways to get around (or perhaps break) these pro-life laws. One particularly unfortunate article, written by Ms. Magazine, suggests that “people are getting creative” on how to obstruct laws and obtain Chemical Abortion pills online—that’s a very nice way to put a very bad thing.  

What do these articles suggest?  

Other than extreme arrogance and a severe disregard for women’s health? Add an elitist mentality to the list. The abortion lobby obviously thinks it is above the law—why else would they feel comfortable with seemingly calling for deliberate civil disobedience? Yet they champion efforts to codify Roe v. Wade in the same breath, demanding legal action. If this dichotomy of logic is confusing to you, don’t let it be. This is what the abortion lobby is clearly saying, “Laws for thee, but not for me.”  

Such arrogance is alarming, but the truth of reality is even more so: pro-abortion officials often let their support of the abortion industry cloud their decision-making. In an interview with The Atlantic, John Seago, the legislative director of Texas Right to Life, was asked why the Texas Heartbeat Bill focused enforcement on citizens rather than government officials. His answer was deeply revealing. 

He said, “There are two main motivations. The first one is lawless district attorneys that the pro-life movement has dealt with for years. In October, district attorneys from around the country publicly signed a letter saying they will not enforce pro-life laws. They said that even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, they are not going to use resources holding the abortion industry to account. That shows that the best way to get a pro-life policy into effect is not by imposing criminal penalties, but civil liability. 

“The second is that the pro-life movement is extremely frustrated with activist judges at the district level who are not doing their job to adjudicate conflicts between parties, but who in fact go out of their way to score ideological points—blocking pro-life laws because they think they violate the Constitution or pose undue burdens.”  

This clearly shows that with corrupt, abortion-driven government officials, the abortion lobby is and would be allowed to trample on pro-life laws without any fear of justice; not even a slap on the wrist. This is terribly concerning—and calls for an original legal remedy.  

So what legal action can work? 

With this knowledge, we can see how laws like the Texas Heartbeat Law can be so effective. The Texas Heartbeat Law uses a method of enforcement called civil enforcement, which means it is up to private citizens to enforce the law via suing abortionists who are breaking the law (not post-abortive women or women seeking an abortion). By enforcing this pro-life law through the private sector, pro-abortion bias is less of an issue—and we’re seeing that this enforcement strategy can be highly efficient. According to a recent report, abortions are down in the Lone Star State by more than 50% since last year.  

(Click HERE to read about one of the key minds behind the Texas Heartbeat Law.)  

We won’t let the abortion lobby cheat their way around our pro-life laws.  

If fact, we’re high fiving them for giving away all their lawless strategies; that’ll make it so much easier to fight them and enforce the law. Abortion radicals may think they are clever for circumventing pro-life laws, but it shows their ignorance of the Pro-Life Generation, which will stop at nothing until abortion is both unthinkable and unavailable. 

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