Student’s Beautiful Poem on His Adoption Story

Caroline Wharton - 16 Dec 2021


Guest Poetry by Camden Hardesty, member and treasurer of the Sycamores for Life

While Students for Life of America doesn’t typically use our blog as a forum for poetry or songs, we could not resist sharing a sweet poem about adoption written by one of our amazing students, Camden Hardesty. Camden is a member and treasurer of the Sycamores for Life at Indiana State University, and he goes above and beyond in the pro-life movement.

Camden is also an adoptee and shares his positive story everywhere he goes. He lives in gratitude for his biological parents choosing life and his adoptive parents choosing to adopt him. To learn more about his story, click HERE to read the blog he wrote. This upbeat activist is currently battling against the media’s mission to paint adoption in a bad light, and he couldn’t be doing any better! Read his poem below:


Reflection time 

On my story of how I got here 

It may be similar for others who hear 

It may invoke some emotion 

And that’s okay 

Embrace it 

Let them come today 



A lot

It takes time 

It takes money 

It takes your life and molds it into something new 

It takes humility 

It takes grace 

It takes making a time and place 

This thing that takes also gives more 

And the things it gives are worth more 


Gave me a home 

It gave me a name 

And an identity 

It gave me a place to live 

Two parents of my own 

A life I never would’ve have known 

It gave me a brother 

It gave me a mother and father too 

It gave sisters to the count of two 

Adoption gives so much and takes away 

But one things for certain 

Adoption gave me a family 

And they are here to stay 

SFLA strives to fight against the anti-adoption narrative, and we are proud to have Camden in our ranks, shining a light on how adoption is pro-life. Keep up the great work, Camden!

Camden Hardesty is a member and treasurer of the Sycamores for Life at Indiana State University. 

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