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Five of the Worst “Christian” Universities for Life

Caroline Wharton - 13 Dec 2021


Out of the 784 Christian colleges and universities reviewed in the Christian Schools Project, 103 had ties to Planned Parenthood. Five of those were among the worst offenders. Planned Parenthood is promoted as a core part of their campus, and these colleges and universities refuse to break ties with the abortion giant. Their blatant disregard for life shows blatant disregard for Christian theology. The schools are listed below in no particular order: 

1. St. Olaf College (MN), Lutheran: This school promotes Planned Parenthood resources on their website, Planned Parenthood events on campus, Planned Parenthood’s courses, Planned Parenthood as local student health resource, and as an option on their internship database. Take action HERE. 



2. St. Michael’s College (VT), Catholic: This school promotes Planned Parenthood as a contraception resource, a dating and relationships resource, and a medical web resource. Take action HERE. 



3. Lafayette College (PA), Presbyterian: This school promotes Planned Parenthood as a morning after pill resource, a credited internship, and an off-campus resource. Colleges like Lafayette also emailed Students for Life of America to confirm their relationship with Planned Parenthood. The Vice President of Communications at Lafyette College, Mark Eyerly stated, “You certainly will be correct if you include us among religiously affiliated colleges that work with Planned Parenthood.” Take action HERE  



4. Duke University (NC), United Methodist: This school conducts abortion procedures on campus, both surgical and chemical, as well as promotes Planned Parenthood as a resource on their website. Take action HERE.



5. Moravian College (PA), Moravian: This school promotes Planned Parenthood as a health center emergency contraception web resource, as an internship site for the Psychology Department, and as a birth control and family planning resource. Take action HERE. 



Educational institutions should not be places where the message of female empowerment is drowned out by Planned Parenthood telling women that they cannot succeed without an abortion. However, these universities and others choose to work with Planned Parenthood, promoting their dangerous and anti-Christian rhetoric of death on campus.  

Studies have shown that abortion causes anxiety, anger, mood swings, depression, insomnia, nightmares, suicidal thoughts, and the list goes on. Abortion does not support a woman—it only hurts her and kills her child. Educational institutions are supposed to educate and protect their students, not hurt them by performing abortions on campus like Duke University and lie saying that it is women’s empowerment. There is nothing empowering or biblically faithful about supporting the abortion industry. 

See more schools in relationship with Planned Parenthood and take action HERE. 

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