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New Research Shows More Than 100 Christian Schools At War With Christian Values 

Caroline Wharton - 08 Dec 2021


Students for Life of America (SFLA) has released the findings from the Christian Schools Project just in time for the holidays. This project researched 784 Christian institutions of higher education and SFLA has published a list rating Christian schools from best to worst in the country based on their level of relationship with Planned Parenthood. 

Read more and take action HERE. 

What do we mean by “a relationship with Planned Parenthood?” 

After our first round of beta testing research was released in March, we embarked on a deeper dive. Using the below criteria, we determined the types of Planned Parenthood relationships with Christian colleges and universities and assigned a letter grade for the number of times these “infractions” surfaced in web research: 

    1. Planned Parenthood being listed as an active internship opportunity for which students may receive credit; 
    2. Planned Parenthood being listed as a student resource; 
    3. Planned Parenthood events being advertised on campus or on the website;  
    4. Planned Parenthood being listed as volunteer opportunity;  
    5. Planned Parenthood partnering with the university on at least 1 event in the past year;  
    6. Planned Parenthood being listed as a future career opportunity 



Christian tradition and biblical values are unequivocally pro-life. Our Christian schools should be safe havens for pregnant and parenting students, offering support and life-affirming resources, not promoting abortion. 

See our full list of researched schools and take action by encouraging them to uphold biblical values and cut ties with the abortion industry HERE. 

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