Austin, TX is on the Map for the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities!

Caroline Wharton - 08 Dec 2021


It’s only fitting that Austin, Texas, home of the legendary Heartbeat Bill, would be on the map for the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities. Pro-lifers are working on this city becoming free of the shackles of the abortion and meeting lots of opposition from the abortion lobby in the process.  

In September, the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities had its official kick off, and a fire was ignited in the hearts of local leaders across the country. Texas was no exception. Almost immediately, a local community leader in Austin went to work. A pro-life team was assembled, who were consequently trained to knock doors and offer resources, uncover heinous crimes by the local abortion facility, and foster a healthy relationship with the local Pregnancy Help Center. The mission of this team was to show the women of Austin, Texas that they deserved better than abortion, and that’s exactly what they have been doing.  


Students for Life standing up for the preborn in Austin, TX

Meanwhile, an abortion facility, known as the “Whole Women’s Health of Austin, Texas” has been proudly touting that, despite the Heartbeat Bill, abortion is still legal to some degree, and they will walk the legal line to accommodate the killing of babies. The facility is a repeat offender for many different, reckless violations. It has received repetitive violations for narcotics discrepancies, failures to keep accurate records of patients, and failure to schedule the FDA-mandated follow-up appointments post chemical abortions.  

The abortion industry calls itself women’s healthcare or women’s empowerment, but the offenses of this abortion facility showcase something entirely different: a lack of concern or care for women’s health. This facility is quite content in perpetuating the harm that abortion does to both the baby and the mother. That’s why records and the use of narcotics are shoddy, and required follow-ups are overlooked.  



When this facility protests against abortions restrictions and revels in the few abortions they can still commit in Texas, they are not acting for the sake of “women’s rights.” They are acting for the sake of their pocketbook—pure greed.  

That’s why the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is so important. Our pro-life team in Austin, Texas, is fighting against this abortion facility, working to push it out of town for the benefit and safety of Austin women and children. Without efforts to effect change, this abortion facility will continue to manipulate and misuse Austin women, and profit from abortion violence committed against their defenseless children.  



The Austin CAFC team is taking a stand against abortion in their city and giving preborn babies a fighting chance. Are you ready to make your city abortion free? Join the campaign here.   

If you are interested in working for the pro-life movement full-time, the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is currently hiring. Click here for more information.  

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