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As the Dobbs v. Jackson case is argued, Students for Life Salutes what Politico said…

Roe v. Wade Facts
Kristi Hamrick - 02 Dec 2021

As the Dobbs v. Jackson case is argued, Students for Life Salutes what Politico said: ‘A post-Roe strategy’: The next phase of the abortion fight has already begun 

“We’ve had a post-Roe strategy for the last 15 years,” said Kristan Hawkins, the president of the anti-abortion group Students for Life of America. “Now is when the rubber will meet the road.” 

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WASHINGTON D.C. (12-01-2021) – Students for Life of America President joined Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch and pro-life leaders from across the country at the Supreme Court in a historic confrontation between a state’s right to legislation on abortion before a baby can live outside the womb and the “egregiously wrong” decision that is Roe v. Wade, which established America’s radical abortion policy. Join SFLA at Facebook to see events at the Supreme Court.

Click here for Hawkins’ remarks today with pictures from her recent meetings with Senators and former Vice President Mike Pence on the eve of the arguments.

Up at Fox News today, Hawkins addressed the changes possible in an opinion piece titled:

 America needs to get ready for a world after Roe 

The Supreme Court’s decision to hear Dobbs vs. Jackson tells us there is every reason to believe that real change is coming” 

Hawkins wrote: “Reading the polls, it’s clear that most people don’t understand Roe v. Wade at all, which is significant as the landmark case that set up America’s extreme abortion policy will be debated Wednesday at the Supreme Court when Dobbs v. Jackson is argued. While people might say they support Roe, their minds change when they read the fine print because if you like limits on abortion of any kind, you don’t like Roe … And there is every reason to believe that real change is coming. The Supreme Court could have continued to ignore the issue of abortion, but instead took up a case that offers a direct challenge to the status quo.”

In preparation for a Post-Roe America, plans need to be made to address the needs of families, Hawkins notes, adding: “Many private organizations have also risen to the challenge of serving those who need help. For example, Students for Life’s “Campaign for Abortion Free Cities” operates as a bridge in communities as we’ve been going door to door telling women about those nearby ready to help, including through our Standing with You initiative that links women and families in crisis with programs located close to them on campus and in communities as well as federal services … It will take time to confront the abortion mindset that turned babies into disposable commodities, telling a nation to eliminate those who might suffer rather than addressing the suffering. In a Post-Roe America, we must renew our commitment to helping those in crisis around us. But many like me are already hard at work, knowing that one day, Roe will be no more.”


“Our generation believes in what we’re doing. We’re pro-life,” said MS Attorney General Lynn Fitch on Kristan Hawkins’ Explicitly Pro-Life Podcast. “It’s such an exciting time. This is definitely the biggest case… probably of my lifetime, and certainly the biggest pro-life case that we’ve had in 50 years.”


Working toward this historic day, Students for Life of America and the Pro-Life Generation:

  • Filed an amicus brief with Human Coalition Action detailing that Roe is “egregiously wrong,” has harmed women and minority communities, and is pushed on women who don’t need abortion to thrive.
  • Launched a “See Me Now Ultrasound Live Bus Tour,” endorsed by Attorney General Fitch, that began in Jackson, MS, and ended at the Supreme Court.
  • Worked with the AG’s office on events at the Supreme Court today along with a Watch Party in Jackson, MS.
  • Engaged in numerous live events detailing plans for a Post-Roe America, along with leading pro-life activists and office holders.
  • Championed a post-Roe strategy of protecting life in service and in law.


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