Women Don’t Need Roe v. Wade – Here’s Why

Brenna Lewis - 01 Dec 2021


The Pro-Life Generation knows how monumental the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case is in taking a legal swing at Roe v. Wade. That’s why students and team members literally camped out in front of the Supreme Court overnight on November 30th in preparation for the December 1st hearing day for Dobbs. The following is SFLA President Kristan Hawkins’s address on hearing day…

Kristan Hawkins with Deacon Ernie Martinez and Senators James Lankford, Steve Daines, and Mike Braun on Nov. 30th, 2021

Kristan Hawkins with former Vice President Mike Pence on Nov. 30th, 2021.

Good Morning Everyone,

My name is Kristan Hawkins, and I am president of Students for Life Action, Students for Life of America with more than 1,250 groups in all 50 states and more than 130,000 trained activists. We were founded as a Post-Roe organization dedicated to both protecting Life in Law and as well as in Service, which is why you can find the Pro-Life Generation daily at capitol buildings advocating for laws to end the violence of abortion, on campuses or online changing the minds of those most targeted by the abortion industry, and or in our communities knocking on doors, connecting women and families in crisis with our transformational post-Roe initiatives like Standing With You, which helps pregnant and parenting women and families find the local support they need.

The Pro-Life Generation is here today in support of Mississippi’s efforts to defend a law with historic potential – To directly confront the fatally flawed reasoning in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton that has allowed abortion in the U.S. through all 9 months, for any reason at all, and sometimes with taxpayer funding — To directly confront the legal atrocity that is Roe, which has been used for the last 49 years to block almost every limit on abortions from a person’s earliest days of life.

Today, more than 9 out of 10 abortions take place by 12 weeks of pregnancy, before a baby can live outside the womb, BEFORE viability. And just as equally horrific, thousands of abortions take place after a baby can live outside the womb, suffering a horrifying and painful death. This must end. 

Today, Attorney General Lynn Fitch and state of Mississippi have come to before the Court to defend their law to protect some of the most vulnerable in our society, fellow human beings who are separate, whole, distinct, and living from conception to natural death. The Roe v. Wade Anything Goes With Abortion era is OVER.

Thank you AG Fitch for the courage to fight for a state’s right to pass and enforce a law that protects their youngest and tiniest citizens and to confront the flawed legal foundation of abortion that is in Roe and Casey. We are honored to support you today.

Earlier this year, Students for Life and Human Coalition Action filed an amicus brief in this case, noting the innate humanity of infants from conception and the fact that women don’t need abortion to succeed.

In our brief, we proudly argued that we, the Pro-Life Generation, “adamantly reject any pretense that women must rely on abortion to further their circumstances or life.”

As head of an organization primarily powered by women, many of whom are mothers, and working with the generation of women most targeted for abortion in all 50 states, I’ve witnessed the misogyny of  Roe and Casey decisions and the abortion industry and that tells women they can’t succeed without sacrificing their children. The Supreme Court’s dangerous and erroneous conclusions made by seven men about what women need has harmed generations of women who deserve support, not the devastation of abortion.

This is why I’m honored to declare today that now we, the Pro-Life Generation, are ready to become the first Post-Roe Generation.


Click here to learn more about Roe v. Wade. 

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