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Free Pro-Life Grad Cords for Fall 2021 Graduates! 

Lori Cascio - 17 Nov 2021


Mid-year Graduation is upon us! Amidst the stress of taking final exams, making decisions about what to do next in life, and planning an awesome summer, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time. All those nights of studying, group projects, and tests prepared you for the next chapter.  

You made it. Congratulations! 

Students for Life believes that this is such a pivotal moment in your life and would like to offer a  FREE GRAD CORD to each of our student leaders, to honor your commitment to finishing strong.   We are SO PROUD of you! 

We hope you’ll order a FREE, purple Students for Life cord to wear proudly at graduation as a reminder of everything you did for Life as a student.

The babies you saved,  the mamas you helped, and the minds you changed during your time at school are your legacy. You have worked hard to create enduring change on your campus by recruiting students to the Pro-Life Generationchanging minds, and providing resources and support for pregnant and parenting students.   You’ve made a positive impact in the lives of others.


 Order your purple graduation cord for FREE today.

Just use the code “GRAD2021” at checkout. 


Need to place a bulk order for two or more? Use this form. 

Wearing a Students for Life graduation cord will give you one more chance to share your vision for a pro-life campus with friends, family, and fellow students when they ask what it means – even if you have to take a photo wearing the cord and setting as your profile picture during quarantine. 

Once you order for free, SFLA will also connect you with a pro-life leader for whatever path you’ve chosen to take.   

Your activism doesn’t need to stop after graduation. From college to Pro-life Future groups, Students for Life is here to support you with transitioning into the next chapter of your life.   


We would like to invite you to get involved in these initiatives: 

  • Are you headed to high school or college? Join or start your Students for Life group!  

Don’t be afraid to get out there. Your Regional Coordinator is our local staff member who is full of resources and ready to help. Contact [yourstate]  (for example [email protected] if you are going to school in Texas) to reach your Regional Coordinator. 

  • Are you headed to medical or law school? Join or start your Med or Law Students for Life group! 

The world could use more pro-life lawyers and doctors. Don’t just become one yourself, invite others as well! Contact [yourstate]  (for example [email protected] if you are going to school in Texas) to get in touch with the Regional Coordinator for the area. They can let you know if there is a group at your graduate school.  


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