More Than 8,000 Doors Knocked in ONE MONTH to Make Cities Abortion Free

Caroline Wharton - 02 Nov 2021


Students for Life of America has just wrapped up another month of our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities (AFC), and, this October, we saw a fruitful harvest for our labors.

As part of the Campaign, pro-life students and community members in 20 different target cities nationwide engage in a variety of efforts to change hearts and minds about abortion as well as directly reduce the abortion rate. With the reality of jobs and school, these efforts largely take part on the weekends. Volunteers knock doors with pregnancy help resources while encouraging pro-choice neighbors to challenge their abortion views and activating pro-life neighbors to do more to abolish abortion.

As we move forward into November, we recognize the accomplishments of the AFC team and the Pro-Life Generation. Here’s what October looked like for eradicating abortion from our cities: 

1. More than 8,000 doors were knocked.

Door knocking remains one of the most powerful tools to reach communities. A BIG reason why our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is so crucial is the tendency of Big Tech to play whack-a-mole with pro-life voices online. It’s imperative that we be on the ground having face-to-face conversations with our neighbors. Not only does this evade online censorship, but we all know that a one-on-one conversation is more powerful and persuasive than an online interaction.

Even if someone does not open their door, we can still leave literature about pro-life resources in their area. This potentially plants a seed in the hearts and minds of those whose doors we knock.  


2. More than 600 pro-life conversations happened.

These conversations are so important because we never know what someone will take from them. As we have discussions, we are able to present the pro-life position as it truly is: standing up for women and their children who are being harmed and lied to by the abortion industry, as well as tangible care and compassion for women and their children. While we might not leave a conversation knowing that someone has changed their mind, we always know that we have made a good representation of our movement. These are the seeds for which we pray for growth. Read about one of our conversations HERE. 


3. More than 150 pro-life advocates were inspired to do more.

In other words, we motivated more than 150 people who believe in the pro-life cause but haven’t been actively working toward the mission of the Pro-Life Generation to do more. By getting out in our communities and further explaining the problem of abortion, we are inspiring the complacent to become soldiers in the fight to end abortion.  


4. More than 40 minds were changed from pro-choice to pro-life.

This is the moveable middle that is so important in winning the war on abortion. Many people are only pro-abortion because they do not truly understand the issue. With the help of the Pro-Life Generation, we can open eyes to the violence of abortion and compel hearts to fight the battle of reversing Roe v. Wade 


The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is the Pro-Life Generation’s boots on the ground in stopping the harm of abortion in our cities. So much has happened in October with the Campaign, and now we are leading the fight in November. Stay tuned for how we gut the abortion industry out of our cities in November- or join us full time in making it happen! 


For more information on the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities or to see how you can volunteer eradicate abortion from your city, please click HERE 


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