Students for Life Shows Virtual Reality Video of Abortion to College Students

Brenna Lewis - 06 Oct 2021


This fall, Students for Life of America has unveiled our newest project: a virtual reality video that shows the horror of surgical abortions. This video is a part of SFLA’s fall tour, See Me Now, and will be used at more than 160 college campuses nationwide. The purpose of this tour is to show students the ugly reality that abortions violently end lives and victimize women. As a part of the See Me Now tour, this immersive video certainly accomplishes that goal.

What’s the virtual reality video about?

The video tells the animated story of a preborn baby named Olivia. It shows her growing experience in great detail, from the very moment of conception to the moment of quickening (movement)-and then it all stops. Instead of continuing on throughout the pregnancy to the moment of Olivia’s birth, Olivia’s mother decides to have an abortion.

A former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, comes on the screen and explains the process of a surgical abortion to the viewers as Olivia is being aborted. He explains the tools and procedures that abortionists use in simple language without euphemisms. Viewers watch as Olivia, whom they had just watched form, is pulled, torn, and crushed into death through the abortion.
Although the video is animated and not graphic in the way that real-life photos and videos are, it is still very compelling. Viewers observe the sharp tools abortionists use, the blood that comes forth when body parts are torn, and the dismembered state of an aborted baby.

What’s helpful about this video being virtual reality style?

The purpose of this video and the See Me Now Tour is to educate students on what really happens in the womb during pregnancy and what really happens during an abortion. A shocking number of abortion supporters do not even know what the procedure actually entails. With a virtual reality style video, it is possible for students to get closer to Olivia’s story and feel as though they are a part of it, as well. The proximity to Olivia’s death by abortion via virtual reality brings the horror and pain of abortion to life for college students.

Why do we want students to feel Olivia’s pain?

Preborn babies are effectively invisible. We’re able to look the other way and think about abortion in the abstract because we cannot see the victim. We want students to feel gut-wrenched when Olivia is aborted because that means they are understanding of her humanity. Humans should feel bad when other humans are in pain or are dying, and that is exactly what happens during an abortion.

Without understanding the problem of abortion, there is no way we can solve it. This means that it is crucial to make students understand. We hope that, after watching this video, students walk away with their stomachs turned and their minds made up that abortion is evil.

The video can also be viewed normally if viewers are viewing from home and do not have VR glasses.

To host the See Me Now Tour at your campus, please click HERE.

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