Baby SAVED by Pro-Life Students on the Sidewalk of Abortion Facility

Brenna Lewis - 08 Sep 2021


Written by Grace Rykaczewski, SFLA Student Spokesperson

The northeast can often be a difficult place to live as a pro-life student. We are constantly pushing back the radical pro-abortion agenda, but on National Pro-Life Sidewalk day, we had a beautiful reminder that life is winning even in New Jersey. 

My local abortion facility has been known to use intimidation tactics on pro-lifers. They have full-time “security guards” who incite people on the sidewalk by yelling expletives. Clinic Escorts blast music to cover our prayers and conversations. They lie about where we are allowed to stand, say it’s illegal to sidewalk chalk, and have even been known to call the police on people from our local 40 Days for Life group. 

When we gathered on August 7th for National Pro-Life Gen Sidewalk Day, they tried many of these tactics to force us to leave, but they were unsuccessful. We came prepared with blessing bags filled with pregnancy resources, matching “Women’s Advocate” t-shirts, and smiles on our faces. 

Around 6:30 AM, the most remarkable thing happened. A woman paused to speak to me as she was pulling into the abortion facility. She was in the car with her husband and their new baby. I had the opportunity to tell her about the resources available to her. She eventually pulled into the parking lot of a Walgreens next door where we had a lengthy discussion about her options. I told her that this baby will bring them as much joy as their son has already brought them. They left us that morning with a renewed confidence in their ability to parent their two children, and resources to help them with whatever financial troubles they had been experiencing.

It is so easy to be intimidated by the sidewalk. I was for a long time! However, many mothers are just looking for support. For someone to say, “You’re strong. You’ve got this.” Most of them don’t truly want to have an abortion. They feel pressured by a boyfriend, their school, friends, or parents. Most know deep down that their baby is alive. All she needs is for you to be there to guide her towards non-violent options. 

So don’t lose heart. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by abortion supporters outside your local facility, at your school, or on social media. They get louder when they are losing and I can promise you this… they are definitely losing.

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