Students for Life of America Releases Toolkit to Hold Abortionists Accountable to New Texas Law

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Kristi Hamrick - 07 Sep 2021


“SB 8, the Texas Heartbeat Law, will save more than 100 children from abortion violence every single day,” said SFLA President Kristan Hawkins. “Pro-life Americans have had enough of the government failure at every level to protect our preborn children and enforce laws and regulations designed to provide some level of protection to the most vulnerable. The Texas Heartbeat Law’s novel approach has already no doubt rescued hundreds of children in just its first few days. It’s time to search out, sue, and shut down the abortion industry for good.


AUSTIN, T.X., AND WASHINGTON, D.C. (09-07-2021) – On Wednesday, Texas enacted an historic Heartbeat Law that bans abortions once a preborn child’s heartbeat is detected. The law empowers pro-life Americans to help protect the preborn by bringing civil action against anyone who kills or aids or abets the killing of a preborn child after a heartbeat is detected.

Students for Life of America is helping to equip Americans to combat abortion by helping to enforce the Texas Heartbeat Law. The goal is to Search out, Sue, and Shut Down abortionists in the Lone Star State.


The toolkit is available HERE.


This week, Kristan Hawkins penned an opinion editorial at USA Today noting that Heartbeat Laws enjoy support in the US:


Half the country, according to polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation, believes abortion should not be legal once this profound and undeniable sign of human life is detected. Polling from Students for Life of America’s Institute for Pro-Life Advancement this year found that 6 in 10 people in the millennial and Gen Z generations believe “doctors should check for a heartbeat before performing or offering an abortion.” 


Read Kristan Hawkins’ USA Today op-ed on why Texas’ Heartbeat Law sets a model for other states to follow.

Click HERE to read SFLA’s 8 Myths About SB 8.


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