Appeals Court Delivers a win for “Common Sense and Common Decency” in Upholding Texas’ Ban of Barbaric Abortion Practice 

Kristi Hamrick - 20 Aug 2021


WASHINGTON D.C. (08-19-2021) – In response to news that a federal appeals court upheld Texas’ S.B. 8 that prohibits a “common” abortion practice later in pregnancy in which an infant is dismembered and removed from a mother’s womb, also called a “dilation and evacuation” abortion, Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins said it was “a win for common sense and common decency.”

Hawkins made the following remarks: “Dismembering a preborn infant in the womb is dangerous to both mother and child, which is why legislators in Texas worked to end that barbaric procedure. And once again, when the abortion lobby could not get their way in the state house, they ran to the courthouse, to get a judge to overrule life-saving efforts.

“Corporate Abortion’s misuse of the courts to block popular, humane laws is finally being addressed by judges really looking at the Constitution, which is not hiding as right to dismember infants in the fine print.”

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