These Abortion Facilities Offer “Student Discounts” for Aborting Babies

Brenna Lewis - 28 Jul 2021


High schoolers and college students may expect a few dollars off a movie ticket or the bill at a local restaurant thanks to common student discounts. But, being enrolled in an educational institution can also shave some cost off of aborting a baby at two abortion facilities in Indiana: Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) in South Bend and Clinic for Women in Indianapolis.

Whole Woman’s Health: 

Clinic for Women:

Offering student discounts for abortion must’ve been a tough conversation for the leadership at these two facilities. After all, targeting high school and college age women for abortion and making money are their two favorite things. Not to mention… it’s ironic that the abortion industry is opposed to voter ID laws, yet require students to present “proper ID” to cash in on their abortion discount. But that’s none of our business.

In June, Students for Life leaders did a display outside of Whole Woman’s Health, which is operating unlicensed thanks to judicial activism. Last year, the state denied the organization’s application to open an abortion facility in South Bend, saying they failed to provide necessary information about its other facilities around the country.

After an administrative judge ruled that requirement irrelevant, a three-person appeals panel at the state Department of Health overturned that ruling last November. WWH reapplied for their license in January and while no final decision has been made, it continues to operate in the city unlicensed, putting more women at risk.

Chemical Abortion is a Nightmare – Discounted or Not

The radical move to expand access to chemical abortion pills is the biggest battleground we face right now in the pro-life movement. Chemical abortion now makes up 40% of all abortions, and the abortion lobby is pushing to remove safety protocols. This puts women at risk of injury, infection, lost fertility, and even death.

Learn more about chemical abortion here.

They are targeting vulnerable young women to trick them into believing getting a Chemical Abortion is as easy as taking an aspirin for a headache. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When a woman begins a chemical abortion, she is first given mifepristone – a drug designed to prevent the delivery of essential nutrients to the developing baby, essentially starving the baby to death. Next, she is given a second drug, misoprostol, to expel the remains. Within 6-48 hours, this drug usually causes intense contractions that expel uterine contents. But about 5 percent of the time, the drug combination won’t work; either the first drug fails and the baby survives, or the baby dies but is not expelled. The later in pregnancy a chemical abortion is attempted, the higher this risk becomes.

What Would Actually Help Students?

Hint: it’s not an abortion discount. Students facing unplanned pregnancies near these Indiana abortion facilities should be supported with material resources, housing assistance, and anything else they may need to embrace their child and their goals. Pregnancy resource centers in South Bend and Indianapolis stand ready to provide assistance, as does Students for Life’s Standing With You InitiativeWomen deserve better than to be told that they have to reject their femininity, their child, and their well-being in order to be successful.

Three Ways to Combat the Abortion Industry 

  1. Be a pro-life presence & offer life-affirming resources for women outside of your local abortion facility.
  2. Advertise on campus for nearby pregnancy help organizations through flyering, tabling, and social media advertising.
  3. Research the local abortion facility’s “services” and expose the truth on campus.

Find more ideas HERE! 

Need help combatting the abortion industry? Or do you know that your local abortion facility is also offering student abortion discounts? Contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator at [yourstate]!

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