Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Horrify Everyone

Brenna Lewis - 21 Jun 2021

How do you belittle the pain of mothers who have miscarried, prove you know exactly what abortion does, reduce the value of a human being to a joke, AND horrify the average onlooker? Just tweet something like this:

Millennials and Gen Z are well-known for our dark humor. But buying a balloon meant for a new baby and using it to commemorate a bought-and-paid-for death is crossing every line there is. That much is clear from the myriad of comments from grieving mothers of miscarriage who were horrified and hurt by this blatant disregard for a child’s life.

This is a short tweet, but it says a lot. Off the bat, it dispels a lot of myths the average American has about abortion – i.e. that people truly believe they are simply “removing clumps of cells” that are no more distinctive than a body part. But posts like this and the entire “Shout Your Abortion” movement are gradually moving out of the shadowy fringe and unearthing the ugly truth – a decent chunk of the population knows exactly what abortion does.

Still more interesting are the religious inclusions. “Watching from heaven” and an emoji commonly used to denote praying are intriguing choices in a tweet like this… though not entirely surprising. As we’ve recently been pointing out as part of our efforts to hold Catholic pro-abortion politicians accountable, over half of post-abortive women self-identify as Christian (which is to say, Catholic or Protestant). Though theological discussion isn’t necessarily part of our repertoire, the notion that Christians who abort may justify the act by reasoning that they’ve fast-tracked their child to an eternity in heaven is heavy food for thought.

Still, this attitude towards abortion is fringe and unpopular. Most abortion supporters are not “all-in” for it, favoring limits and truly believing that, no matter the gestational age, it’s a very heavy choice no one should feel happy about (even if they feel women have a “right” to it). And the person responsible for this post is just as much a victim of a predatory industry and manipulative propaganda machine as anyone else who has chosen to abort. Just ask any comedian – that medium is a common way to mask the deepest of pain.

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