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Group of the Year Nominee: Heritage High School

Brenna Lewis - 07 Jun 2021


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Written by Pro-Life Eagles at Heritage High School

Our Pro-life Eagles at Heritage High School President, Emily Rizuto, started attending Heritage High School in the Fall of 2020. She wanted to start a Students for Life Group at her new high school as she was involved with Students for Life at her previous high school.

Emily recruited many group members, and in just two short semesters, the group is flourishing! Even during the pandemic, our pro-life group found ways to keep active.

When school got back into session, we held a big diaper drive for Alternatives Pregnancy Center. We have…

  • hosted pro-life movie nights
  • chalked on campus
  • done sidewalk counseling
  • received four Students for Life  of America trainings
  • done pro-life canvassing
  • and hosted #Stand4Life events

Emily also got to speak at SFLA’s National Virtual High School Summit! We are thankful that she is not yet graduating and will continue to lead our student group and help develop the leaders to come after her. Our plans going forward include getting more involved with the local Pregnancy Resource Organization in our community.

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