Instagram Just Censored This Pro-Life Post

Brenna Lewis - 04 Jun 2021


This week, Students for Life spokesperson Autumn Lindsey made a very simple pro-life post on her account, This is her pro-life account and, as such, is full of posts that oppose abortion. But Instagram decided this particular post shouldn’t be permitted.

Despite this post being quite routine, Autumn noticed that it had disappeared after about three hours. She then discovered that Instagram “content checkers” had deleted it and provided her with exceedingly vague reasoning (below).

Autumn underlined the portion of Instagram’s Community Guidelines that she suspected motivated the deletion – and we’re in complete agreement. Social media giants are notoriously pro-choice, and by including this type of rule in their guidelines, they’re ensuring they can simply delete anything they disagree with. Note that falling in line with their ideology dictates whether or not you can monetize your posts. They’re essentially threatening their users.

Pro-life people are being censored in a BIG way. 

This type of thing exemplifies the fundamental difference between the approaches of pro-life and pro-choice activists. The pro-life movement seeks to share and change hearts, bringing people to our side. The pro-choice movement often prefers to silence opposition by force.

Ironically, you know what seems anti-woman here? Shutting down a woman on social media and taking away her voice. What is this, the 1800s? “I don’t like what that woman is saying so I should silence her?” Tech giants need to check their privilege and consider the sexism of their censorship.

Every major platform (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) are on an absolute rampage against pro-life and any other accounts they don’t like. If we stay on our current trajectory, roughly half of Americans simply won’t be allowed on social media because they disagree with the liberal elite. And over half of American women are pro-life, so… sexism is going to come into play more and more as free speech is attacked.

Help us resist the censorship. 

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