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China’s Family Planning Policies Show How Ugly Abortion Can Be  

Sarah Michalak - 03 Jun 2021


BREAKING! After decades of enforcing limits on child births and family size, Chinese officials are now allowing their repressed citizens to have up to three children without being forced to abort, sterilized, or fined. This comes amid concerns about a massive aging population that far outnumbers youth who are able to care for them.

Since 1980, China has vigorously implemented a “family planning policy” which brutally imposed that couples could only have one child until 2015, after which they were allowed two children. This policy was often enforced in gruesome ways which resulted in the deaths of millions of both preborn and born children and the destruction of human rights for all their citizens, especially women. And, due to a cultural preference for males, girls have been disproportionately affected by the repressive policy.

According to the “One Child Nation” documentary, women were brutalized and children were often killed outside of the womb. Nanfu Wang, co-director and producer of the documentary, stated that “almost every woman has gone through a forced abortion or forced sterilization.” But everything changes now because China is allowing couples to have three children…right?  Not even close. Until China accepts responsibility for and repents of the evils they forced on their citizens, especially the most vulnerable of people, they will continue their egregious violations of human rights. 

Pro-abortion rhetoric in America often promotes the idea that abortion is a human right, and that pro-life people are ‘controlling.’ Abortion proponents say that abortion is freeing and essential to female equality. However, they are often silent on how easily abortion can be used to control and violate women. China has spent the past few decades violating the bodies of women, and denigrating their worth as human beings. They have used abortion as a tool and weapon of their tyrannical power. Abortion is tyranny. It allows one person complete control over another, and the Chinese Community Party has taken that to the extreme on a national level.  

Coercion with abortion, however, is not exclusive to China. It is all around the world and most predominantly in the sex-trafficking industry. Victims of sexual abuse and trafficking are often forced to abort. Sexual predators will use abortions to cover up their crimes, conceal their victims, and continue their cycle of control and destruction. Learn more about how sex traffickers use abortion here. It for this reason that original feminist thinkers and activists opposed abortion. As Alice Paul stated, “Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” The reality is that abortion is destructive in all its forms. China’s policies just show us how ugly it can be. 

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