Here’s Why NARAL is Wrong About the Pro-Life Movement

Brenna Lewis - 01 Jun 2021


“For decades, the anti-choice movement has attempted to brand itself as ‘pro-life,’ but it’s not hard to see through their charade.” ㅡNARAL

Guest post by Ben Ice (SFLA Stevens Fellow) and Mary Carmen Zakrajsek (SFLA Indianapolis Regional Intern)

NARAL Pro-Choice America attempts to support their lies by claiming pro-lifers seek to dismantle women’s healthcare, otherwise known as “denying funding” and “cutting off resources.” It isn’t uncommon for the abortion lobby to say these kinds of things about us, but the Pro-Life Generation knows better. To us, the accusation of being anti-woman is unfathomable! How can we be anti-woman when we spend half of our time volunteering and donating to pregnancy resource centers? How can we be anti-woman when our entire movement is centered around providing love, compassion, and support to women? 

Supportive services tabling at Berea College in Kentucky (Students for Life).

Time and time again, the pro-life movement has proven itself to be pro-woman. An amazing and recent example happened this month. On Saturday, May 22nd, Rocks4Life in Westfield, Indiana hosted Life Centers, a pregnancy resource center, and the O’Connor House, a local shelter for pregnant and parenting women, as well as over 50 others from local organizations and churches at our Respect Life Lunch. For this event, Rocks4Life raised a mountain of donated baby items and over $800 for mothers who need our help. In addition, the high school’s pro-life club had multiple speakers who spoke about how to better support and empower women to choose life. 

In my speech, I exposed the abortion industry for what it really isㅡ harmful to women. There isn’t anything empowering about telling a woman she can’t have a child and get an education or launch her career. In fact, that is the exact opposite of empowerment. That is why the pro-life movement is here. It is our job to say, “YES!” Yes, women can do both. And we go even further and tell women how we can help them feel empowered to choose life.

Expanding upon my speech, Mary Carmen Zakrajsek, Indianapolis Regional Intern (and soon to be Indiana’s Regional Coordinator), told the Indianapolis community about two amazing opportunities that are being offered by SFLA: the Pro-Life Future and Standing With You initiatives. Together, these new SFLA programs help enable us to spread the word about life-affirming resources by having direct conversations about what is available in the community.

Next time you hear one of NARAL’s blatant lies, remember events like the Rocks4Life Respect Life Lunch, Pro-Life Future and Standing With You initiatives, or other baby item drives that encapsulate the pro-life movement. Never forget that the true exploitation of women is abortion. We must all work together to continue to provide love, compassion, and support through our supportive services efforts so that we can empower every woman to choose life.

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