Kardashians Realize They Might be a Little Pro-Life

Sarah Michalak - 26 May 2021


In a recent Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode, Khloe and Tristan Kardashian were confronted with the injustice of abortion and the hurt caused by ending innocent lives. The couple is considering surrogacy because Khloe was told she is high risk for pregnancy. They are excited about having a baby and when asked what they were looking for in a surrogate, they asked for a woman who cares about nurturing the baby while pregnant.

Khloe expressed a concern for her baby in utero, “I am a big believer that how you are when you are carrying a baby, that you can put that energy to give it to a child.” Both she and Tristan emphasized the health of the baby before birth and recognized that the baby deserves protection.  

During their surrogacy interview, the couple was faced with intense questions about their future baby. The interviewer asked the couple about the common occurrence of multiple conceived children resulting from surrogacy. It is a sad reality that many surrogates choose to end the life of one or more of the children.

The interviewer asked Khloe and Tristan about their thoughts on having multiple babies. Khloe expressed an openness to life. “If we are blessed to have multiples. We think that is God’s will. So, we are on board with that.” The couple clearly wants children and desires that their preborn child(ren) be cherished.  

Shockingly, they were told that the surrogate might want to abort the pregnancy. “What if your surrogate is not on board for that?” The couple assumed that the surrogate would do what they wanted, however, they were appalled to discover she can do whatever she wants. They were told, “Well it’s your baby, but it is her body. So, she can terminate the pregnancy with any unplanned outcome.” They were stunned and uncomfortable. “We never thought about that one.”  

Khloe had to confront the clear inconsistency of her position on abortion and her love for her future child. She shared her anxiety with the possible abortion, “I know it is her body, my baby, but I really did not put two and two together. That means she has the control of whether she would want to terminate the twin. Me not having control over that outcome, makes me very nervous.”

Hopefully, the couple will see the contradiction in caring for their own preborn child but not for other preborn children. The possibility of their child being killed for any reason should make them pause and think more deeply about what legal abortion does to the preborn. Hopefully, this experience will call them to recognize the dignity of the preborn and use their influence to stop the injustice of abortion.

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