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She Was Rejected for Being Pro-Life!?

Brenna Lewis - 24 May 2021


The Students for Life is blessed to have a stellar Development Team who work to bring supporters into our mission. In fact, Students for Life is very unique in that the majority of our financial support comes from a huge network of grassroots, lower-level donors as opposed to just a few massive support streams. And we’re able to inspire the everyday pro-lifer to join our support team in part due to our ability to share our story.

Anna Allgaier, a writer on our Development Team, recently tried to improve her storytelling ability by signing up for training from “The Storytelling Nonprofit,” a Canadian-based organization run by Vanessa Chase Lockshin. Vanessa is “a consultant specializing in non-profit storytelling, fundraising and communications” and boasts an approach that “goes beyond strategies and tactics to empower non-profit professionals to be the expert their organization needs.”

Unfortunately, Vanessa must be on board with her country’s insane abortion policies because she refused to sell Anna a training course. Her words, not ours:

She wasn’t rude. And it’s completely her right to decide whom she wants to serve as a customer and whom she doesn’t. But… seriously? It’s written into the literal company policy which groups of people they’re required to discriminate against? This type of thing seemed to be an issue when that Colorado baker refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. But you can’t have it both ways.

We’re curious what the company’s “values” are if pro-life groups aren’t allowed to patronize. If those values include the abortion industry’s signature betrayal of women, support of the limit-free killing of babies through birth, and acceptance of every scandal, transgression, and corrupt act in between… then the clients she currently serves should probably rethink their own patronage.

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