Abortion is “Infrastructure?” Give Us a Break

Jessica Nardi - 24 May 2021


An article from the Washington Monthly says that President Joe’s Biden’s term has been “pleasantly surprising” except for one thing: he hasn’t gone hard enough on eliminating abortion limits. 

The article says that Biden remained “silent” on abortion and claims that this creates a problem since “abortion is infrastructure” in the lives of American women. The author laments the passing of pro-life laws restricting abortion access and accuses pro-life advocates of “harassment” and “coordinated attacks.” 

The article then praises the “steps” Biden has made for abortion, such as promoting radical abortion supporter Xavier Becerra to be the Health and Human Services Secretary. Becerra is notorious for his management of the Little Sisters of the Poor case and prosecution of pro-life supporters and journalists — talk about harassment. The article also lauded Becerra’s push for the FDA to remove safety standards for chemical abortion pills during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this is not enough for abortion supporters. The article continues that, “even Biden’s biggest moves are just initial steps—promising ones, of course, but also the minimum of what’s expected from a pro-choice administration. They’re not enough to meet the moment.” 

There are two major problems here. The first is that abortion supporters are never satisfied and proposed laws and practices have to be inhumanely radical for them to even qualify as support. The article says that Biden’s supposed lack of support “reinforces the social stigma that considers ‘abortion’ a dirty word and deed, instead of basic health care and a human right.” That’s ironic when you don’t consider literally tearing apart human babies a “dirty” act and when you think disregarding someone’s human right to life is a human right. 

The other irony here is the claim that abortion is infrastructure. This is impossible because infrastructure is building and maintaining the fundamentals of something, while abortion is tearing down all the fundamentals of society. It tears down the next generation by killing it; tears down women by telling them they’re not strong enough or capable of being mothers and balancing work, life or school; tears down men by telling them they don’t need to take responsibility for the role they played in getting a woman pregnant, because she can just kill the baby.

What’s the actual infrastructure for women in an unplanned pregnancy? Infrastructure is the fundamentals, so in this case it’s what’s needed for a woman to survive and succeed. Here at Students for Life of America, we believe that no woman should feel forced to choose between the life of her baby and fulfilling her life goals. One of the ways this is accomplished is through SFLA’s Standing With You initiative that brings real, peer-to-peer support, not hurt and death, to pregnant women on college campuses. 

This is real infrastructure — building a cultural climate where mothers and their babies are empowered, accepted and supported in society.

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