Pro-Life Future Campaign Sees Successful Launch in Denver: We’re Eradicating Abortion One City At a Time

Autumn Doersching - 15 Apr 2021

Students for Life of America’s new Pro-Life Future Campaign is working to change hearts and minds about abortion, one city at a time. A key feature of the campaign is a monthly community door-knocking mobilization in the nineteen cities where the campaign is currently active. By alerting our neighbors to the dangers of the abortion industry and raising awareness about non-violent abortion alternatives, our goal is to reduce the abortion rate in each campaign location directly.

One of the cities where we’re working to build a culture of life is Denver, Colorado – one of the states that allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

On March 27, the Pro-Life Generation launched its door-knocking project. Nationwide, our teams knocked on 9,259 doors, which brought the grand total of doors knocked to 22,505! And it gets even better… our students and staff had 540 conversations about abortion on just that one day. 79 of those people were already pro-life and moved to take action on behalf of the preborn. And 21 of them were pro-choice and changed their mind about abortion! THIS is how culture changes.

In Denver, on that first day alone, the Pro-Life Campaign knocked on over 1,000 doors to share information about local pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) and their compassionate services. As a result of our life-saving efforts, a local PRC scheduled 15 appointments during phone calls made via the Students for Life phone numbers provided by door-knockers. News like this galvanizes us to reach every city in the US with the hope and help of the pro-life movement.

And Colorado desperately needs access to information about these hopeful, nonviolent pregnancy resource. As evidence collected by the Denver Pro-Life Future Campaign shows, the predatory nature of the state’s abortion industry runs deep. We believe people deserve to know the dirty secrets they’re trying to hide.

Colorado is home to Warren Hern, a notorious late-term abortionist known for committing abortions for any reason, even on healthy preborn babies. Hern is one of the abortionists that makes Colorado stand out as a late-term abortion hub.

A lawsuit was filed in 2015 against Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains for failing to report the abuse of a 13-year-old girl to authorities. Instead, the abortion facility returned the girl to the man who abused her after committing an abortion on her.

The Center for Medical Progress caught the same facility exploiting women and their preborn children’s bodies for money. Planned Parenthood abortionist Savita Ginde was seen on video advocating for higher profit margins “based off of how many baby livers, kidneys, partial brains, hearts, and legs they can sell at PPRM.”

An undercover investigation of PPRM conducted by Live Action showed Planned Parenthood staff members pushing underage girls to engage in BDSM with their partners. The staff approvingly described activities like “whipping,” “tying up,” and “asphyxiation to undercover investigators, encouraging them to engage in these risky sexual behaviors.

After a horrific 2013 abortion committed by the same Planned Parenthood, a woman sued the abortion giant for forcing her to undergo the killing of her child without anesthesia and after she changed her mind and decided not to go through with the abortion. Not only did the abortionist allegedly proceed against her wishes, but he or she left behind parts of the dead child, which landed the woman in the ER for emergency surgery. The doctor who cared for her in the hospital said the woman was suffering from sepsis with a high fever and heavy bleeding.

Another abortion facility, Planned Parenthood Aurora Health Center, further proved that the abortion industry cares more about profit than helping women. In 2013, it received a celebratory certificate, “For Exceeding Abortion Visits.”

Are Denver residents aware of the dangers the abortion businesses within their communities pose to women and families? Well, if they don’t know, then our door-knocking campaign is making sure they find out and know where women can go for actual pregnancy help.

We’re achieving our goal to reduce the number of abortions nationwide!

Sign up for door knocking in your city here!

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