This Legislation Would Force YOU to Pay for Abortions

Samantha Kamman - 01 Apr 2021

While the abortion lobby pretends that forcing American taxpayers to fund all abortions would somehow help women, the truth behind their radical agenda exposes a different motivation.

As abortion activists continue to develop new strategies to undermine the Hyde Amendment – a policy that bans federal funding for abortion unless the woman’s life is in danger or the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest – it is up to pro-lifers to expose the lies behind their pro-abortion rhetoric.

According to Mother Jones, abortion supporters are currently attempting to repeal the Hyde Amendment through the Each Women Act (Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance). Introduced in 2015 and again in both the Senate and the House in 2019, the legislation would force taxpayers to fund all abortions by allowing them to be covered through Medicaid.

While pro-abortion activists failed to implement the legislation then, that has not stopped them. Since President Joe Biden already fulfilled several campaign promises by forcing government funding to go toward foreign and domestic abortionists, abortion supporters are looking toward his administration to move the EACH Act forward.

One of the abortion supporters pushing for an end to the Hyde Amendment is Destiny Lopez, co-president of the pro-abortion organization, All* Above All. Lopez asserted that repealing the pro-life policy is “’core’ to ensuring and restoring abortion access to all people in this country, not just those who can afford it.”

Research from the Charlotte Lozier Institute shows that the Hyde Amendment has saved more than 2 million children since 1976. Repealing it would not only enforce an abortion ideology upon the whole country, but it would also increase the number of lives lost to abortion – notably, the poor women whom pro-abortion activists claim they are trying to protect.

But the idea that these women benefit in any way from public funding for abortions is further refuted by the financial benefits the abortion industry gains when taxpayers subsidize it.

Even though the Hyde Amendment prohibits taxpayer funding of most abortions at the federal level, an analysis by Live Action exposed how many abortion vendors profit from taxpayer dollars at the state level. The more that taxpayer funding for abortion increased, so did the number of abortions.

A separate report from Live Action should also shatter any illusions that the abortion industry wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment because it cares about women. As the pro-life news outlet reported, the estimated cost of the abortion pill averages under $100, but abortion vendors often sell it to women at six times the cost.

Despite the derogatory accusations that abortion activists have leveled at the Hyde Amendment, the policy is one of the few safeguards shielding women and preborn children from an industry that seeks to profit from them. The amendment is also supported by most Americans who do not want their tax dollars paying for all abortions in the country.

It is up to pro-lifers voters and anyone who does not want to subsidize violence to stop legislation like the EACH Act in its tracks by holding any politician who moves to support it accountable at the ballot box.

As pro-abortion activists continue to try and push extremist legislation on an unwilling public, the pro-life movement can remind voters during the next election cycle who was responsible for prioritizing the abortion industry over protecting families and freedom of conscience.

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