Abortion is Violence, and Here’s Why

Brenna Lewis - 16 Feb 2021


This year, the National Pro-Life March was virtual. This marked an important crossroads for the pro-life movement. Either give into the new Administration and the obstacles set before the March this year… or continue to press on. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris openly support abortion up to birth. Violence in our streets grew over 2020, and the violence against children in the womb continued in abortion.

What is the root of this problem? The root is not valuing human life. Valuing life more could have prevented countless acts of violence and injustice. Not valuing human life is the root of all this violence, all this evil, and all this unrest. Despite our circumstances, we must stand for life at all stages. Despite our circumstances, we will continue to be a voice for the voiceless born and preborn.

While I was a college sophomore, New York state legislators voted to legalize infanticide. Soon thereafter, other states would follow suit in pursuing similar legislation. I was stunned and in complete disbelief upon hearing the news that the lawmakers of New York not only think it is “okay” to kill living human babies up until birth, but they were celebrating it! Then, I witnessed for myself the loud cheering from the New York senate floor. They were clapping and cheering for the ability to lawfully kill an innocent human being! Time seemed to stand still yet my heart raced uncontrollably. It was a moment that changed my life. It changed my heart. When that “New York” moment happened, everything changed. I felt powerless, overwhelmed, and defeated. That is when I decided to devout my life to the pro-life cause and to change my major and career path.

The Pro-Life Generation is growing, yet our governmental policies do not reflect the full value of life. It is especially important to make our voices heard when there is a pro-abortion majority in our government. We must show the world that violence is not the way to accomplish a better society. Violence in the womb leads to violence in the streets. Normalizing violence is destructive to everyone. The pro-life movement believes violence should not be tolerated regardless of one’s location, race, sex, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, socioeconomic class, political beliefs, or stage of life. We fight against something that should be unthinkable – the slaughtering of millions of innocent human beings.

Life is the right of every human being, not a special privilege for the fortunate, the planned, or the perfect. Without the right to life, no other rights exist. It is that simple. The right to life was unjustly stolen from one third of my generation. More than 60 million lives will never celebrate a birthday. Making abortion illegal and unthinkable is our mission, regardless of current events or who is in office. We march for the preborn, the mothers, the fathers, and the families who are betrayed by abortion.

We cannot remain silent about this issue. Abortion is the greatest human injustice of our time. Abortion is the leading cause of death in America. More than 862,320 human lives were unjustly and inhumanely ended in only one year. This issue of abortion cannot be ignored. It must come first in our political activism, in the discussion about human rights, and in the ballot box.

The beauty of the pro-life movement is that it does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, faith or socioeconomic status. This is the culture of life. At the National Pro-Life March, people of every background come together to stand up for life.

One historical quote that my family has long admired comes from the 15th century, “My decision to go into battle does not depend on the might that threatens me, but on how much I revere that which I will defend.” (Tsar Lazar) Protecting innocent human life and women from the injustice of abortion is a cause that is well worth the costs of battle. Marching is only one small thing that the Pro-Life Generation does where people can see us. However, we work every single day—often out of sight—to end discrimination, eliminate violence, and save lives when we work to end abortion.

Guest post by Savanna Beaurline, SFLA Student Spokesperson

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