Twitter’s CEO Says the Crackdown on their Customers’ Speech is Just Getting Started

Brenna Lewis - 18 Jan 2021


It’s no secret that the tech giants of America have nearly unbridled power when it comes to controlling the social media narrative. Facebook and Twitter in particular have been caught time and time again shadow banning and otherwise censoring viewpoints they don’t like (i.e. conservative ones). So it wasn’t a major shock when footage was leaked of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey telling staff that, following the suspension of President Trump’s account, ” […] this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks...

Dorsey goes on and on in defense of Twitter’s stifling of free speech, proclaiming the tech giant’s apparent ‘moral obligation’ to decide who gets to say what. It’s a tired routine. There either IS free speech… or there isn’t. As countless right-leaning accounts are finding out, things are trending more towards “isn’t.”

The pro-life movement should be extremely concerned about the squelching of free speech. Right now, tweeting something like, “Human life begins at fertilization” or “Preborn human life matters” could get flagged by Twitter as some kind of hate speech or fake news and no one would be all that surprised. And that’s a terrifying reality.

It’s a huge task, but the pro-life movement has to engage in many battles at one time. We already have to fight on every playing field that will abolish abortion (public policy, support for women in need, education about abortion, etc). But now, we have to fight for our very right to speak. Students for Life is working hard to advocate at state and national levels in favor of free speech legislation. As Dorsey said… this is only the beginning.

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