Pro-Abortion Twitter Account Posts Photo of Abortion Instruments as Christmas Tree Topper

Brenna Lewis - 16 Dec 2020


A Twitter account called “We are Pro-Abortion” (WAPA) retweeted a photo this week of abortion instruments (i.e. serrated forceps) being used as a Christmas tree topper. An account with this name posts many obscene things, but this one was decidedly over-the-top. The original poster ended up deleting the tweet and made their account private shortly thereafter.

WAPA is a small account with only 220 followers, which makes sense as abortion is not popular and the average pro-choice or on-the-fence American sees abortion more as a “necessary evil” – not something to be celebrated. Plus, their complete disrespect for the faith of others (about 205 million Christians, to be exact) isn’t going to gain them many extra followers.

But they do draw attention to a sad reality. There’s a habit of more moderate pro-choice Americans to make the claim that “no one’s really pro-abortion.” But this account, others like it, and even posts like this made by Secular Pro-Life beg to differ.


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But wait… there’s more! We Are Pro-Abortion has some exciting new merchandise available for their 220 followers.

The new merch was posted on October 31st and it already has 3 likes, so make sure to get your profane abortion shirt quickly while supplies last. But, back to the realm of seriousness… 3 likes for a shirt like this pretty much aligns with the popularity of this opinion. Honest onlookers admit that abortion isn’t safe, its legality has no bearing on its morality, and even abortion supporters don’t believe taxpayers should be forced to fund abortion.

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