New Zealand Santa Parade Gets Complaints about Pro-Life Float

Jessica Nardi - 16 Dec 2020


Nothing spreads Christmas Spirit more than apologizing for a celebration of the gift of life. A “Santa” Christmas parade in Southland New Zealand later apologized for allowing a Christian float with pro-life messaging in the parade. Not like Christmas is a holiday originating from the birth of a child or anything.

The float is shown for a few seconds during the Facebook livestream of the parade. It is a group of women and smiling children holding signs that read “Life is Worth it!” “I am a gift” “Stand for Life” and “Life is Valuable.” There was no mention of abortion anywhere, yet the parade organizers posted on social media “We apologise to everyone for the anti-choice float, we were unaware until the end.” They later deleted their post, but maintained that the parade was not a platform for “personal views”.  

Fiona Meyer of Voices for Life organized the float and said their messages did not say anything about “anti-choice;” simply that they promote life. 

Why is women and children celebrating life considered a personal view? The very mention of human life is now considered hate speech. Life cannot be a “personal view” — it is a necessity which none of us would be here without.  However upholding and celebrating the value of each life is the greatest view of the person.  What do communities or families represent but the flourishing of life.  

Whether Christmas is celebrated from a Christian or secular standpoint, the day’s significance still stems from its origin — celebrating the birth of a newborn child. But we have removed the child’s importance from society, even in Christmas.  A child, who is a distinct human being like all of us were, is now only valued if deemed so by choice.  Christmas is considered the holiday for children, one that celebrates the joy of their awe and wonder at the magic of this “most wonderful time of the year.” It is this joy and celebration that brings people together each year for ages whether through parades or family dinners.  To bar appreciation for the existence of children from Christmas festivities is antithetical to its purpose.  

Perhaps the parade’s organizers have forgotten the purpose of the legend of Santa Clause — bringing gifts and joy to children — or even more so the meaning of Christmas and the gift of life and love. 

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