Planned Parenthood ‘Overjoyed’ over Joe Biden’s Potential Election Win 

Jessica Nardi - 17 Nov 2020


Planned Parenthood is confident that  their “Champion” Joe Biden won the presidential election. Moreover, they’re certain he and Kamala Harris have the back of the abortion industry – and they’re not wrong as Biden has already made reinstating  funding and/or further funding Planned Parenthood a priority if he truly won the election. 

Planned Parenthood in numerous Tweets and statements revealed their excitement over the possible election of America’s most pro-abortion ticket ever. A statement on their website read, “We can’t contain our excitement (and relief) that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election. Here’s to a new beginning!”

They then outlined seven “wins” for abortion if Biden is confirmed ranging from the expected to the purely outrageous. 

They accuse President Trump of leading “a reign of terror’ over people of color… though Planned Parenthood is the leader behind setting up shop in minority neighborhoods to target women of color for abortion. Their founder that they are so proud of, Margaret Sanger, was a open eugenicist. Not a good idea to play the race card when you’re estimated at killing off 19 million Black babies since 1973.  

“What’s more, Biden and Harris actually listen to scientists and believe in facts.” This is news, but certainly not the science and facts that abortion stops the beating heart of a human being and literally tears babies apart to traffick their organs? Or how about the fact that when a sperm and egg unite it actually creates a new, unique, individual and living organism? Planned Parenthood and Biden-Harris may know this science, but clearly they don’t listen to it as they claim. Listen to SFLA’s president Kristan Hawkins tell it like it is. 

Finally, Planned Parenthood promises us in an ironic twist, “And in the places where the outcome didn’t go our way: We’ll be there, fighting on until everyone — regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, income level — can live the life they want.” Of course, everyone but the preborn.

Behind their sugarcoated language of jubilee, Planned Parenthood as usual pushes the disgusting narrative that women are not capable of being successful or even good citizens unless they sacrifice their children at the altar of profit and a false sense of empowerment. Women deserve better than being told that a business and politicians who want their children dead are their “champions.” It is the Pro-Life Generation who will be out there fighting for all women to be safe and successful, for all lives to live as they deserve. 

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