Hateful Abortion Supporters Flood Pro-Life Post with Over 400 Comments

Brenna Lewis - 06 Nov 2020


Here we go again: another Students for Life group is being harassed big-time on social media by a horde of hateful abortion supporters. This time, it’s SUNY Potsdam in New York. The group has over 100 followers… and about 400 comments on one of their recent Instagram posts. Most of them are ugly. 

The post in question that was getting all the comments had to be deleted for professional reasons because an adjunct professor commented on it. But, for documentation and in case physical threats were made, screenshots were taken of the hateful comments.

[Check back soon]

It’s sad that abortion supporters seem to feel so much rage and hate towards those who value preborn life. One would think, of the two sides, it would be us who have a bit more incentive to feel angry, given that we believe innocent people are being killed by the millions. Yet, here we are.

The behavior will never be acceptable. If respectful dialogue is tossed out, we don’t stand much of a chance of finding any common ground and building a society that respects everyone.

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