President Donald Trump Tells Pro-Life Generation at White House to ‘Make Sure You Vote’

Brenna Lewis - 16 Oct 2020

On October 15, Students for Life of America’s team members had the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime chance for us to go to the White House to attend the Marine One landing and represent the pro-life generation with our presence. We were part of a select group who greeted President Donald Trump as he embarked on Marine One to head to North Carolina for a campaign rally.

The excitement from this unreal experience was palpable from start to finish, especially for those of us who had not been to such an event before. Those in attendance were greeted with flags and a hearty welcome as we prepared to give President Trump a sendoff from the White House.

As he came out of the White House, President Trump was quick to say hello to us and others who were there representing ordinary Americans across the country.  But the more than 10 of us who attended were able to talk with the President very briefly before he departed on the Marine One helicopter. It was all due to being there to communicate Students for Life’s unique calling card, through our shirts of “I Am the Pro-Life Generation.” We didn’t just cheer and welcome the president, we cheered on our pro-life message and welcomed the president to share in and support our enthusiasm. The excitement of our hard efforts paid off.

Pointing to our matching light blue t-shirts, and our pro-life masks, President Trump made sure to encourage us to “Go Vote” and remind us to “Make Sure You Vote” before he headed out to events across the country with that same important message.

While it’s certainly has huge implications to get the president to notice you and the cause you’re promoting, it all came together so well because we were excited to be there. We were excited to show through our presence to show that we are the pro-life generation and to equip others to do the same. A key part of being the pro-life generation is to encourage those we encounter to Vote Pro-Life First, inviting them to sign a pledge to do just that once we educate them on the facts of how abortion has impacted our generation to the tune of 2,300 preborn boys and girls lost each day to abortion, so that we can call on both parties to stand for life by standing against abortion.

One of our team members there was Mallory Finch, who in addition to our t-shirt, she wore a ‘Pro-Life’ mask hand painted by Angelique Claire Clark, the creator of Life Dress.

Finch is part of our SCOTUS Squad, young women who have consistently been a vocal pro-life presence outside the Supreme Court to support Judge Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearing. Such activism has earned attention across the movement, as well as from media, including ABC’s Nightline. “I am grateful for this opportunity,” Mallory said about going to the White House. “To be that class to the president and have him look right at me representing the pro-life generation.”

Students for Life has maintained an active and peaceful present at the Supreme Court to highlight the importance of nominating and confirming Supreme Court justices. A staff member was even punched in the process, but we have maintained our peaceful presence.

Students for Life is actively involved with those we engage with, through our activism weekends, including with our Vote Pro-Life First and Sock the Vote projects, and in our #Justice4Life tour. Later this month, Students for Life will be participating in a #Justice4Life Tour in West Virginia, Alaska, and other states to highlight the importance of confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court

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