This Public College REFUSES to Let a Students for Life Group Start

Brenna Lewis - 15 Oct 2020


Last week, the NISG (Northern Iowa Student Government) rejected the UNI Students for Life Group’s request for approval. The NISG decided that despite school rules against viewpoint discrimination, they would not allow the group because they disagreed with their pro-life position. The pro-life student leader, Sophia Schuster, fought the NISGs decision by appealing to the school’s Supreme Court.


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During the court hearing on Wednesday evening, the NISG plead guilty to not having a legitimate case against the SFL group. However, the Supreme Court did not do their job of protecting “minority view points.” Instead, they added a new rationalization for the NISG decision that was not a part of their original decision. The Supreme Court rejected the appeal stating that the new group was not being formed “in good faith” or with “a lawful purpose.”


Watch the video of student government senators discriminating against the group here:

Sophia shared:


“I wasn’t completely surprised when the NISG Senate rejected our application the first time. But after talking to members of Student Government and being assured that this would be resolved as soon as possible, I was blown away by the decision to reject our appeal. I had no idea how ignorant our Student Government was about their role on our campus. They have truly shown how determined they are to ignore the law set before them that they have sworn to uphold in order to censor those they disagree with.


I think the fact that NISG pled guilty and then the supreme court proceeded to defend NISG rather than making a decision, (which was what I was told would occur should NISG plead guilty)  speaks volumes about their determination to silence those they disagree with. I had no idea how uphill this battle would be, especially because I was assured that the Supreme Court would see the Senate’s error and make it right.  And even though one of NISG’s goals is to “Ensure the protection of student rights” here we are, fighting against a student government that disregards all guidelines in order to silence a voice they do not want to hear.”


The case will now be re-appealed and go to the university’s president.

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