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Planned Parenthood is the Imposter!

Caroline Wharton - 08 Oct 2020


Among Us is a popular online game right now that involves deduction to discover which players are legitimate and which are “imposters.” The imposter players are dangerous and gradually kill off innocent players until they are identified. A catchphrase of the game is, “[Player] is sus,” meaning ‘suspicious.’ In September 2020, the game received more than 100 million downloads.

Planned Parenthood is so sus! And we have evidence!

Vented! – Planned Parenthood has tirelessly covered up their practice of selling baby body parts. David Daleiden got undercover footage of Planned Parenthood of their officials admitting to selling baby body parts.

Killed! – Planned Parenthood has killed countless number of babies and have jeopardized women’s health through botched abortions and patient abandonment through the abortion pill.

Faked tasks! – Planned Parenthood has falsely stated that abortion is only 3% of what they do. They instead use a complex system to categorize each part the abortion appointment as a separate “service.”  Unlike what President Obama said back in 2012, they also do not provide mammograms. Under oath, former Planned Parenthood CEO, Ceil Richards, stated that they do not do mammograms. In fact, none of their facilities have mammogram machines.

Just like in the game Among Us, Planned Parenthood is trying to convince America that they are not the imposter. They are trying to say that they provide health care, which in fact they are ending the lives of countless babies. We cannot allow the deception to continue. Vote out Planned Parenthood.

In this election, Life is on the ballot. We have to #VoteProLifeFirst. Millions of lives depend on it.

Planned Parenthood is sus! So, vote them out!

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