Liberal Media Worships Women (Unless They’re Pro-Life)

Brenna Lewis - 27 Aug 2020


After the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention, everyone took note of how the topic of abortion was conveniently side-stepped for the entirety of the event. Perhaps DNC speakers finally saw the statistic that only 7% of millennials agree with their abortion platform? Either way, the same could not be said for the Republican National Convention, where multiple speakers professed an unabashedly pro-life stance.

It’s no surprise to anyone that the liberal media was ready to pounce no matter what went on at the RNC this week. But their vitriolic attacks towards the female speakers shed quite a light on what feminism really means to them: We love ALL women to the sky and back except women we disagree with – they’re basically garbage. Articles slamming the Republican women who spoke at the RNC have spread far and wide via the Associated Press, and the content is truly shameful.

Classless: Degrading a Nun and Calling Her a Liar

Perhaps the worst offenders of the journalism world following the RNC were those who sprang at the chance to berate a nun who spoke: Sister Deirdre Byrne. Sr. Byrne said three major, factually-accurate things in her speech:

  1. Donald Trump is the most pro-life president in American history. 
    • Mr. Trump was the first president in history to attend and speak at a March for Life, he found a way to get Planned Parenthood to walk away from $60 million in Title X funding, he ardently defended life in front of the U.N., and many more accolades. Regardless of what one may think of his Twitter account, his record on paper on the life issue is near-spotless.
  2. The Biden-Harris ticket is the most anti-life ticket ever. 
    • Joe Biden attended a Planned Parenthood candidates forum in South Carolina prior to achieving his nomination, at which he confirmed he’s moved to an intensely radical abortion position. He supports codifying Roe v. Wade (forcing abortion on Americans, removing state’s rights to curtail it, and enshrining an abortion law with zero gestational limits), repealing the Hyde Amendment (forcing Americans to fund abortion with our tax dollars), and, of course, he favors Medicare for All (more taxpayer funding of abortion).
    • Kamala Harris is arguably the most pro-abortion official in all of United States legislature. She has twice voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act (which would require that medical care be given to babies who survive their abortion attempt), she used her power to order an armed raid on the home of a pro-life citizen journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s secrets, and she’s fully on board with everyone Joe Biden is above.
  3. The most marginalized group of people in America are the unborn. 
    • With the acceptance of the science that the preborn are living human beings, this statement is true no matter what way one looks at it. Well over 60 million preborn humans have been killed since abortion was legalized in the U.S. in 1973 – that’s more than any other social injustice combined. There’s a group of people (pro-choice Americans) dedicated to making sure this group of people stays less valued than others. The preborn literally can’t speak for themselves, and the unspeakable horror done to them would never be stopped if the preborn did not have advocates. So yes, by any measure, they are the most marginalized group our nation has ever known.

But, wouldn’t you know it, the media has been calling Sister Byrne a big fat liar. That none of these three things are true. An article at PBS criticizes the nun for not being clear on what “pro-life” means. In other words, PBS doesn’t like his policies on immigration, therefore, he isn’t really pro-life.

Firstly, the nerve of this author to suggest that a Catholic nun doesn’t know what she’s talking about when it comes to the pro-life cause is shameful. Secondly, the liberal media needs to give it a rest with the “You’re not really pro-life if you [fill in the blank]!” Media, just do it. Just call us anti-abortion and be done with the distraction of involving every single other social justice issue that exists just so you don’t have to talk about abortion. We don’t mind being anti-killing of babies. When a Catholic nun speaks at the Republican National Convention and says the president is pro-life, you know damn well she’s talking about abortion. So cut the crap.

The next farce the media is trying to peddle while burying Sr. Byrne is that the Democratic ticket is moderate on abortion. National Review said it best:

Joe Biden supports the right of unlimited abortion, funded by the taxpayers, up until the moment of birth.

It’s a position that remains exceptionally unpopular with the majority of voters, so “factcheckers” have been super busy during this Republican National Convention trying to confuse the issue. Ramesh Ponnuru has already debunked abortion “factchecks” from the Washington Post and New York Times.

A New York Times reporter also criticized Byrne’s assessment of the Biden/Harris ticket, writing, “I’m not sure that’s a fair characterization of Mr. Biden’s position — he’s more classic Catholic Democrat middle-of-the-road.” To clarify, the reporter is indeed referring to Joe Biden who has been denied receiving the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass on at least one occasion. He’s Catholic in the same way that Nancy Pelosi is; go to church on Sunday, then vote for infanticide on Monday.

Bonus Round – Hollywood Jumps into the Mix

Those in Hollywood with nothing better to do are always game to round up their collective IQ and throw playground insults at conservative women. Mia Farrow said all Trump-supporting women look like the same Barbie. Rosie O’Donnell called Kellyanne Conway a “cult member.” Kathy Griffin eloquently referred to several White House women as “assholes.” Franklin Leonard dissed Marsha Blackburn by making crude suggestions about her father. And the always classy Alyssa Milano targeting Mike Pence’s marriage as her way of expressing disagreement.

There are more, of course. But readers beware – be prepared to lose brain cells. There’s nothing educational about the bitter tweets of badly behaved, spoiled-rotten elites. We yearn for a day that everyone can agree that feminism doesn’t only apply to women you like. In the meantime, don’t expect us to take the attacks lying down.

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