5 Ways You Can Spread the Pro-Life Message On Your College Campus

SFLA Staff - 20 Aug 2020

College is the perfect time for you to engage in pro-life outreach and practice your ability to argue persuasively against abortion. While it can be tempting to keep your head and focus on obtaining a degree, choosing to remain silent on the issue can deprive you of the opportunity to change someone’s mind on abortion. Conversations about abortion can become heated very quickly, and understandably, this can make speaking your mind on the issue a little intimidating. 

But with the right tools, you can articulate a solid case for life. 


Study the Abortion Issue 

Abortion is one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time. The first step toward correcting this grave injustice is to learn as much as possible about the issue. Study pro-life apologetics so you’ll know the moral arguments against abortion like the back of your hand. Research abortion procedures so you understand exactly what it is you are trying to prevent. Then, you’ll be better equipped to respond to objections to your pro-life views by asking: What is the unborn? 

As you study the abortion issue, try to remember this syllogism: It is always wrong to intentionally take the life of an innocent human being. Abortion always takes the life of an innocent human being. Therefore, abortion is wrong. 

Basing your pro-life views upon this moral scaffolding can help you feel more confident when discussing abortion with your classmates. If a pro-choice individual cannot present an argument for abortion that refutes this syllogism, then the pro-life position still stands. 

Don’t Be Discouraged If You’re Confronted By Pro-Choice Bias on Campus 

An English professor at Iowa State University published a syllabus where she warned students against opposing her pro-choice perspective, citing this as “grounds for dismissal from the classroom.” Pro-life students have also had displays destroyed by hostile pro-choice students. 

Remember – none of these actions have refuted the pro-life position. When pro-choice people shut down the opportunity for discussion about abortion, they have merely assumed the correctness of their own stance. Which means you can still disprove it. 


Learn How to Present a Concise Defense of Your Pro-Life Views

There may be situations where you will only have a few minutes or seconds to defend your pro-life beliefs to your college peers. How can you clarify the issue for them in a way that is simple, yet rational?

Just like with everything, practice makes perfect. When you’re alone, challenge yourself to see if you can defend your pro-life position in five minutes or less. Train yourself to build a convincing case against abortion by focusing on the key points you need to address. 

  1. Does abortion take an innocent human life? 
  2. If certain traits are necessary to be considered human, then how come your species membership does not change if you’re born without these things, or if you lose them throughout the course of your life? 
  3. Would any of the arguments used to justify abortion be applicable to any other situation? 
  4. Are all human beings worthy of protection and rights? 


Start or Join a Pro-Life Group On Campus 

Strength can often be found in numbers. Be sure to find out if your school has a pro-life group on campus so you can work together to end abortion. If your college does not have a pro-life group, or if your group needs more exposure, see what organizations you might be able to reach out to for support. 


Expand Your Involvement in the Pro-Life Movement 

So you’re against abortion – what do you plan to do about it? Find out how you can make your voice heard and stand up for the preborn. Are there any internships you can apply for through a pro-life organization? Have you considered being trained for sidewalk counseling so you can reach out to women outside abortion clinics? Or maybe you’ll want to see how you can donate your time to your local pregnancy resource center. 

There’s a bevy of ways you can grow and gain experience as a pro-lifer. All it takes is a little research to learn what you can do to end abortion.

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