Video from Live Action Exposes the Pro-Choice Billionaires Behind the Abortion Movement 

SFLA Staff - 17 Aug 2020

“The Billionaires Behind Abortion” video released by Live Action is part of their “Abortion Pill Kills” exposé, which seeks to warn people about the lethality of chemical abortions. Why is such a dangerous drug being prescribed to women when millions of innocent preborn children and their mothers have been victimized by the abortion pill? The eight-minute video sheds light on the wealthy men behind the pro-choice movement who have been pushing abortion on vulnerable women as a form of population control. 

The video details how the abortion industry would not be as influential as it is if it could not rely so heavily on influential billionaires to finance abortion. Doesn’t it seem odd for abortion advocacy groups to claim men have no right to voice their opinion on abortion when their cause is dependent on funding from rich men? 

Live Action explained how the connection between wealthy philanthropists and population control efforts could be traced back to John D. Rockefeller, the world’s first billionaire. The Rockefeller family “was influential in the development of the American eugenics movement of the 1920s,” which “later served as the basis for the eugenics movement in Nazi Germany.” Rockefeller later founded the Population Council years after the world was left shaken by the atrocities of the Holocaust

But these population control efforts didn’t end with Rockefeller. Rockefeller’s successor, Frederick Osborn was a member of the American Eugenics Society who believed abortion and birth control were “the great eugenic advances of our time.” Another president of the Population Council, Bernard Berelson, advocated for birth control agents to be put into the water supply of urban areas if voluntary birth control efforts were unsuccessful. 

Pro-life men have been accused of opposing abortion so they can “commercialize” women and make them “less than.”But a 1968 “Family Planning” video the Population Council released in collaboration with Disney openly insults women to promote abortion and birth control. The clip claims without these things, women’s health will “suffer,” and her children will be “sickly and unhappy, with little hope for the future.” The video also cautions women against leaving the size of their family to “chance.” 

Isn’t it demeaning for pro-choice men to falsely tell women their only choices are to stop themselves from becoming pregnant, or else they’ll live in complete misery? This presents women with no positive pregnancy options, and men like the ones behind the Population Council are not supporting abortion because they see it as a “woman’s right to choose.” These men are making a choice for women because they’ve decided abortion is “right” for them.

Sadly, pro-choice men pouring large amounts of money into abortion expansion efforts is a practice that has not ended. The Population Council is still in operation, and men who have become household names because of their wealth are continuing to keep it going. 

For quite some time, Gates has used his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fund population control efforts, something the foundation does not even try to hide. As Live Action’s video noted, the organization has spent $4.6 billion on “reproductive health” globally and $278 million domestically. The organization has openly stated that offering abortion and contraception “in the very poorest places” is “[their] main thing.” 

Buffett’s charity, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, has contributed $1.5 billion to help fund the abortion industry in the U.S., making it the largest financial backer of abortion in the country. Between 2003-2018, Buffett’s foundation donated $565 million in support of “reproductive rights.” 

Other rich backers of abortion as population control include William Hewlett, David Packard, and George Soros. These billionaire philanthropists have invested much of their money into making sure more women terminate their pregnancies with the abortion pill. Soros, Hewlett, and Packard have all supported the pill’s manufacturer, Danco Laboratories

As Live Action explained, Danco repeatedly has “refus[ed] to release the names of its investors and executives” and “has been shielded by the FDA, who in an unprecedented maneuver concealed the name and location of the manufacturer…as well as the names of the experts who reviewed the pill.” Other questionable organizations receiving billionaire funding are the sponsor of U.S. clinical abortion trials, Gynuity Health Projects, and DKT International, a group that sells the abortion pill overseas. 

Can billionaires like Gates really claim the motivation behind investing so much money into the abortion pill is because they care about women’s health care? If this was true, then one would think these men would object to the abortion pill’s dangerous side effects and the lack of proper reporting on the complications it causes. 

Something else seems to be at play here. 

Live Action’s video spells it out, “The abortion movement has always been fueled by ultra-wealthy individuals as a means to control global populations, promoting the killing of children and exploitation of women under the guise of reproductive health and women’s rights.”

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