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Students for Life of America & The Frederick Douglass Foundation Attempting to Paint BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER in Three New Cities

Kristi Hamrick - 14 Aug 2020


SFLA & FDF have joined community efforts in Indianapolis, IN; Baltimore, MD; and Orlando, FL to use the forum of city streets now opened up as a place for free expression through governmental action or acceptance. 

“By definition, the First Amendment empowers citizens to peacefully express their views, not governments to choose what they want to hear,” said Students for Life of America’s Kristan Hawkins. “If you can only paint Black Lives Matter, you’re not free to speak. Black Preborn Lives matter too.”


WASHINGTON D.C. (08-14-2020) – Students for Life of America & The Frederick Douglass Foundation along with community leaders have joined efforts in Indianapolis, Baltimore and Orlando to paint “BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER” followed by news conferences, to highlight the racist reality of abortion in America as well as to make our voices heard on the new forum for free speech in America: the canvass of city streets. Though only 13 percent of the female population, African American women make up 38 percent of all reported abortions. Perhaps that is because 4 out of 5 Planned Parenthood vendors are within walking distance of minority-dense neighborhoods, according to a Supreme Court amicus brief.

“We are working to confront Planned Parenthood’s racist past and present, and organizing for a different future,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. “The nation’s number one abortion vendor operates their business in such as way that minority lives are lost in far great proportions. Consider that the abortion industry think tank established by Planned Parenthood, the Guttmacher Institute, notes ‘the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women.’ Margaret Sanger’s racist legacy must come to an end as we defund Planned Parenthood to invest in real healthcare that save lives, not ends lives.”

SFLA and FDF made their requests for events and to paint both in letters to the mayor of each city and in permit applications filed in compliance with local requirements.

In each letter, SFLA and FDF noted that city leader accommodated other group and individual free speech on their city streets.

Click here to read about Baltimore, MD. 

Click here to read about Orlando, FL. 

Click here to read about Indianapolis, IN. 

Calling on the Pro-Life Generation Nationwide: 

Across the country, pro-life activists are also being asked to add their voices to the call for BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER to be included in the conversation about lives at risk.

On-going Black Preborn Lives Matter Campaign efforts will be taking place in the near future alongside other organizational partners including: Pro-Black Pro-Life, Relationships Matter, Human Coalition Action, The Restoration Project: Human Coalition, Created Equal, and others to be announced.

To view the graphic representation of the proposed street painting, CLICK HERE.

Students for Life of America has been calling attention to Planned Parenthood’s racist past in our SOS – Strike out Sanger campaign. Read more in Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins’ op-ed in USA Today, as we confront the racist reality of Planned Parenthood’s past and present.

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