SFLA’s Homeschool Summit Trains Over 30 Students!

Sarah Michalak - 12 Aug 2020


Tuesday night was Students for Life of America’s first Homeschool Summit. The event was a huge success with over 30 homeschool students from 17 states joining in to prepare for effective pro-life activism. In fact, we have 16 dedicated homeschool students who want to start new homeschool groups! 

The night was packed with advice from strong homeschool student leaders, training on starting and maintaining a homeschool group from SFLA Regional Coordinators, and games and a Q&A session run by SFLA student spokesperson Autumn Lindsey who is a homeschool student as well.  

The evening began with an introduction to the strong student leaders who courageously lead their homeschool groups. Each student leader discussed why they decided to lead their groups, how they overcame obstacles, how SFLA has helped their groups, and why other students should get involved in the Pro-Life Generation. After that, the students were trained by a few SFLA Regional Coordinators on how to recruit, mobilize, and maintain their homeschool groups. The night then transitioned into a Q&A session and we finished the night with a fun game of Kahoot and some final motivational thoughts for the attendees.  

Homeschool groups have so many unique opportunities to recruit, change hearts and minds, and make an impact in their communities. As groups that are not affiliated with a school, their focus is the community, which allows them to reach far and wide in their efforts to save lives and abolish abortion. The Homeschool Summit was specifically designed to cater to these groups and their challenges and opportunities. Before the Summit, many of the students were hesitant to start a group but after hearing from other successful student leaders and learning of the support SFLA has to offer them, they are eager to get started!

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