We Need an Army of Senator Josh Hawleys

Caroline Wharton - 10 Aug 2020

Americans have the election at the forefront of their minds. As we head to the polls, we have to ask ourselves what we most value. For millions of people, what they most value is the right to life. The best way to protect the right to life is to vote Pro-Life first. This should be the springboard for all other issues, because, without this fundamental human right, we can’t even begin to discuss other rights, like education, healthcare, or employment. First, we must make it out of the womb. Every person deserves this.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is an excellent example of what a Pro-Life politician is. He unapologetically supports Pro-Life policies and has fought for the preborn by refusing to waver in his convictions. It’s important to keep this kind of record and reputation in mind when we vote. Voting Pro-Life first is essential because these are the men and women who will fight to see Roe v. Wade reversed, and will demand Planned Parenthood finally be defunded.

Josh Hawley

In 2016, Hawley told LifeSite News he does not believe in abortion at any stage of pregnancy. He is against taxpayer-funded abortions and uses his voice to speak up for the defenseless. As voters, we should make sure these kinds of people represent us, and we must be able to hold those in office accountable. If they say they are pro-life, their voting record must reflect that. They must publicly state that they are pro-life in all areas. Personal beliefs don’t make changes unless it directly affects policies that protect the preborn people in America.

Hawley says his contribution to the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case is evidence of how he would fight for the preborn. “Abortion is not a right,” he explained. “It is a violent act against the defenseless. It violates every principle of morality and should be barred by American law. Until that day, I fully support bans on partial-birth abortion, third-trimester abortion, and indeed every limit that can receive public support.”  He added, “I am 100 percent pro-life and have been my whole life. That means I am opposed to abortion at any stage of pregnancy, and I am opposed to embryonic stem-cell research.” Senator Hawley not only speaks out against abortion, but his efforts also show he means it.

Senator Hawley called out top state officials by saying they “have given Planned Parenthood a sweetheart deal, failing to carry out serious inspections of Planned Parenthood facilities and settling litigation with Planned Parenthood in Kansas City that effectively exempted that facility from Missouri’s surgical center laws.” We need this kind of transparency from those we vote into office.

Too often, we see empty words and unfulfilled promises from politicians when it comes time to standing for the preborn.  We must pay attention to people like Senator Hawley, who has a concrete pro-life track record. As voters, we must look through a Pro-Life lens first because the right to life is the beginning of all rights. Without the right to life, we have nothing.

Voting Pro-life first is crucial because of the domino effect it has on laws, court cases, and individual human rights. Voting Pro-life first ensures safety to the most vulnerable in our society. Our collective voice can save lives as we cast our votes. We cannot underestimate how important it is to place courageous, pro-life people into office. People who understand the value of life and who will represent a generation which is against abortion.

We need people who can withstand the backlash and face the abortion industry and demand justice and accountability. If someone is bold enough to speak up for the preborn and consistently vote to protect them, they deserve our vote. Integrity comes with transparency. Somebody who wants to protect vulnerable people is someone who is compassionate and trustworthy. Our ballots should reflect these values and should support those who stand for these values.

Cover photo credit: Kansas City Star. 

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