WATCH: SFLA Student Harassed Outside Abortion Facility By Man With Wooden Stick

SFLA Staff - 30 Jul 2020

On Monday, SFLA student leaders were harassed and threatened by a man with a large wooden stick outside a Las Vegas abortion facility.

Felipe Avila and Angelique Clark stood outside the gate of the Birth Control Care Center with resource bags to share fetal development information and life-affirming alternatives to abortion. A man on the other side of the gate in a blue pick-up truck began to insult and threaten the students for their activism.

According to the students, the man pulled out a wooden stick from his truck and approached the students on the other side of the fence.

The students claim the man verbally threatened to “whack” them with the wooden stick. The students also claim he approached the gate of the fence until a clinic escort intervened to stop the man.

“Seeing this man go from 0 to 60 with rage, take out a large wooden stick, and scream profanities at us definitely made me feel like my life was being threatened,” Angelique said about the incident. “Since we were doing nothing but standing several feet from the fence, the harassment from this man felt completely out of nowhere and totally uncalled for.”

Once the students began to film, the man is seen in the video putting the stick back in the truck. In the video, the man claims he was not threatening the students.

“Nobody’s threatening anybody, son,” he said.  “Nobody is threatening you with your phone, little girl”

“You just said you were gonna smack us,” Felipe replied.

 “You just got a baseball bat out,” Angelique added.

“It’s not a baseball bat first off,” the man said. “If you are on this property, you are subject.”

The man began to insult the students, calling them “stupid and pathetic,” adding “you need lives, you need jobs, you need direction.”

When asked what his name was, the employee responded with vulgar language saying, “My name is f*** you.”

The man defended the abortion workers, claiming that “they’re just trying to work.” He then questioned the students if they’ve ever had a job.

Angelique told the man that she did have jobs, and they didn’t include “killing unborn children.”

“I don’t kill unborn children either. I work on buildings,” he said.

As the man continued to insult the students and their activism, Felipe asked him if “is this how you talk to teenagers?”

“That’s how I talk to pathetic people,” he replied.

The students were then informed they were on private property by another man and left.

The students who were not holding signs or wearing pro-life t-shirts were confused about what they did to provoke the man.

“The building employee displayed strong hatred and anger towards us students who were only there to help counsel women to empower them to choose life,” Felipe said about the incident. “The man chose to put our lives in danger by choosing to disregard the state mandate on masks, which is punishable by a $100,000 fine.”

The abortion facility where this incident took place has a troubling and extensive history of deficiencies and physicians with a history of medical malpractice. According to the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners, one of the facility’s abortionists, Dr. Adam Levy, has a history of medical malpractice, including killing a woman in a botched abortion.

In addition, the facility has a history of providing poor healthcare. In their 2019 inspection, the Department of Health found “the facility failed to maintain professional standards of practice by ensuring: 1) Medications were stored in a secure manner; 2) Follow-up calls were made to 1 of 4 surgical patients within 24-48 hours, per facility policy (Patient #2); and 3) Filters for the transvaginal ultrasound probes were changed per manufacturer instructions.”

This article was contributed to by Felipe Avila, President of ECTA Students for Life, as well as the Nevada State Co-Captain for SFL Action, and Angelique Clark President of UNLV Rebels for Life at the University of Nevada Las Vegas as well as the Nevada State Co-Captain for SFL Action.

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