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Poll Claims Gen Z Is Having a Hard Time Registering to Vote. Here’s How

SFLA Staff - 02 Jul 2020

Generation Z (Zoomers) has generated massive political energy recently by leading nationwide  protests. Many are wondering if this civic enthusiasm will lead to a higher voter turnout for young people, and those who have been influenced by their message. With more young Americans becoming eligible to vote, the November presidential election could be impacted.

Generation Z is expected to account for 1 out of every 10 votes in the upcoming election. Already, Democrat nominee Joe Biden has a projected 24-point advantage among 18-29 year-olds. However, it’s still unclear what the level of voter turnout for Zoomers will be in 2020. 

In addition to voter safety concerns due to COVID-19, young people often do not participate in elections. A recent survey of more than 1,000 Generation Z members examined this trend. Though the survey found a majority of Zoomers want easier voting access, structural barriers do not appear to be the culprit. Few respondents were confused about voter registration (17 percent), and the efforts of multiple organizations to explain the process appears to be effective. 

Voter Registration is straightforward: You can go online, fill out a National Mail Voter Registration Form, or visit your local election office. 

The reasoning behind young people’s nonparticipation in elections appears to run deeper. Despite their passion on issues like abortion or race relations, Zoomers may elect not to vote because they feel their involvement won’t change the election’s outcome (40 percent). Or, they feel that few candidates speak to their concerns (40 percent). For many Gen Zers, the values of particular candidates play a large part in their individual voting choices (72 percent). 

If political parties hope to secure the ever-growing Zoomer vote, then convincing this generation their vote matters and recruiting compelling candidates will be a key strategy for earning their support.

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