Chaos at Planned Parenthood as CEO Accused of Abuse & Racism by Nearly 300 Employees

Brenna Lewis - 22 Jun 2020


A wise man once said, “You can’t practice vice virtuously.” In Planned Parenthood’s case, that means: you can’t run an aborting babies business without employing some unsavory business practices. And scandals. And criminal activity. And body part trafficking. In New York, it’s trouble in paradise as over 546 Planned Parenthood staff & supporters put forth an open letter calling for the immediate removal of CEO Laura McQuade.

In this so-called “worker uprising,” complaints against Planned Parenthood of Greater New York’s (PPGNY) CEO McQuade range from abusive behavior and financial mismanagement to racism and failure to properly respond to COVID-19. Mind you, the hundreds of people putting forth this letter are ardent abortion supporters. They note at the beginning of the letter:

“We are deeply committed to maintaining access to abortion and sexual and reproductive health care; while acutely aware of the political landscape, we have experienced firsthand how constant public scrutiny perpetuates a culture of silence within reproductive health organizations. This has allowed our leadership to stoke fear that public expression of internal dysfunctions might threaten access to care. 

Over the past 18 months, staff have worked tirelessly to resolve the following issues internally by meeting with senior leadership and reaching out to our Board of Directors.”

In other words… these abortion employees and supporters didn’t want to draw attention to the chaos behind the curtain, either. They worked fervently to keep anyone from knowing, lest “abortion rights” take the fall. But Planned Parenthood cares so little for the well-being of its employees… even this pro-choice crowd was forced to go public.

A group of non-white Planned Parenthood employees associated with the letter also noted, “At this point, PPGNY’s attempts to present itself as a diverse workplace have been carefully orchestrated and superficial at best. […] White and non-Black employees are still given more pay and more advancement opportunities than their Black colleagues.”

A snippet of the letter regarding racism:

Abortion Will Always Be a Dirty Business

At the end of the day, we hope each of these 546 abortion industry employees and supporters realize that Planned Parenthood is not capable of being anything less than a grimy, shady, abusive corporation. After all, this is not an isolated incident.

Arguably the most famous pro-life advocate, Abby Johnson, joined the pro-life movement after enduring years of Planned Parenthood’s lies and manipulation. And her organization, And Then There Were None, was created to help others leave the industry, too. Many of their stories are highlighted on the website.

Mayra Rodriguez, in a separate incident, had been a Planned Parenthood employee for 15 years when she was fired for repeatedly pointing out health and safety violations at the abortion facility she oversaw. Planned Parenthood had to shell out $3 million when Mayra won her wrongful termination lawsuit.

Dr. Leana Wen

When Planned Parenthood ousted their brand-new president Leana Wen in July 2019, America got one of the first big glimpses into the unraveling of the abortion giant. As the truth about their business becomes increasingly exposed, we anticipate letters like this becoming more and more common.

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