This School Year, Pro-Life Students Raised OVER $100,000 to Help Families Choose Life

Brenna Lewis - 16 Jun 2020


This school year has been full of ups and downs, but one thing that has remained the same is that the Pro-Life Generation is committed to making abortion unthinkable by changing their campuses to be supportive communities for pregnant and parenting moms in need.  

The Students for Life groups who participate in the Pregnant on Campus Initiative transform their schools and their communities into environments that empower pregnant and parenting students to complete their education, achieve their goals, and contribute meaningfully to society. Throughout this school year, our students have amazed us in the ways they’ve helped women choose life. 

Item Drives 

Students for Life groups hosted 243 baby item drives, collecting in total over 418,500 diapers as well as other items like clothes, bottles, and much more. This spring, SFLA launched a National Baby Item Drive that brought in over $15,000 in item donations to local Pregnancy Help Centers across the nation. 

Groups also hosted at least 124 fundraisers for local pregnancy resource centers, which led to $44,900 raised to help families choose life. This money helps pay for groceries, diapers, and job training so that families don’t feel pressured to have an abortion for economic reasons. 


Student groups raised over $41,940which was given to their peers on campus as pregnant and parenting scholarships. Many pregnant and parenting students have told us that even just $500 has helped them, because it showed that there was someone at the school who understood what they were going through. One scholarship recipient said, “I can’t thank you and the SFL team enough for your generosity and your faith in me; because of you I’m back on track and on my way to make a better life for myself and [my son].” 

Time Spent Helping Women 

Students for Life groups also spent almost2,000 hours meeting with women facing unplanned pregnancies as well as volunteering at pregnancy resource centers or raising money for PRCs or scholarships. Because of our students passion to help, 22 women who were considering abortion ended up choosing life. These women were not only given resources, but our student leaders and staff became supportive friends along the challenging journey these women faced. Students hosted 15 personalized baby showers as well as a virtual gender reveal party during the covid-19 quarantine!  

Changing Campus Policies 

On college campuses, women often feel pressured to have abortions because their campus is lacking in supportive life-affirming resources. This year, 9 student groups brought life-affirming resources into their campus health centers and 51 groups are working with their administrators to bring these resources directly to their campus health center. Imagine walking into your campus health center and knowing exactly where to go for a free pregnancy test and ultrasound (and it’s NOT Planned Parenthood)

109 student groups developed Marketing Partnerships with their local Pregnancy Help Center which means that the student group is marketing for the Pregnancy Help Center on campus, while the Pregnancy Help Center keeps the students informed of the way their efforts are bringing students through their doors! Five schools changed policies thanks to our student groups including two scholarships, one lactation room, maternity parking, and a family study room! Policy changes take time and while there were five successes this year, there are still 45 policy changes in progress! 


If you would like to join in the mission of making campuses welcoming places for pregnant and parenting students through the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, CLICK HERE to join today! 

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