Pro-Choice Ohio Health Director Resigns In A Cloud Of Controversy

Brenna Lewis - 12 Jun 2020

Amy Acton, who has served as an ally to the abortion industry, has resigned from her role as the Director of the Department of Health for the state of Ohio. Despite being appointed by a pro-life Republican Governor, Mike DeWine, Acton often used her role to serve not the interests of the people of Ohio, but of the abortion industry.

For example, she used her power to help an unsafe and dangerous abortion facility remain open.  The Ohio Star reported in 2019, “Ohio Pro-Life groups expected to see Dr. Martin Haskell’s abortion clinic in Dayton closed for good. The abortionist notorious for claiming to have invented partial-birth abortion, failed to abide by the law requiring his facility to have a transfer agreement with a local hospital and as a result, had his license to operate denied. Haskell fought the revocation from 2014 all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court and lost on appeal twice.

But in a surprise turn of events, pro-life Governor Mike DeWine’s Director for the Ohio Department of Health provided Haskell with a new license just days after the court loss. Haskell changed the name of his clinic from Women’s Med Center of Dayton to Women’s Med Dayton, then filed for a new license and received it.”

Acton also worked on the Obama presidential campaign, supporting a President who refused to condemn infanticide while serving in the Illinois state senate.

She was also under fire for botching the state’s coronavirus response, and for potentially lying about sexual abuse as a child.

Operation Rescue has been Acton’s claims about her childhood. They recently noted, ”

Operation Rescue called for her resignation after publishing an exposé that included information on her Ohio medical license application that indicated she had been treated for mental illness and/or addiction issues at some point in the past.  That exposé also included audio clips from Operation Rescue’s interview with Donna Arthur, Acton’s estranged mother.

Arthur claimed that her daughter falsely accused her second husband of raping her when she was 12 years old. Acton had publicly claimed that both Arthur and her husband were criminally charged with abusing her, but “skipped town” before they could be prosecuted.  However, Operation Rescue verified that Arthur had never been charged and that her step father had charges dismissed.  Acton then went to live with her father after he had made the allegations and never saw her mother again.”

You can read their full article here.

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